Saturday, February 13, 2010

9 long days.

Jeff has landed and is on his way home from the airport, where they had to spend 3o minutes digging the car out of long term parking.

Every year I dread this week he has to be gone for his conference in Colorado. Something always happens. One year I went to the hospital, one year the kids went to the hospital and this year we got snowed in. It has taken me many years to learn how to be home alone when he is gone. I have had plenty of practice, but it is still really hard for me. What can I say, "I love having my husband around"

I have been searching for wallpapers for our new home - that we are still looking for, come out come out where ever you are? What fun! I have no idea what is expensive or what is a good deal, but I have found some great prints. This may have to be a half bath someday. What is an average price to pay for a roll of wallpaper?
Graham and Brown is my new favorite site to hang out in. I just dive into all the Damasks. The above pink print is very delightful.

I also have been searching for a washer and dryer that we will now have to buy when we move. We bought a set 15 years ago in New Orleans (for $150 for both) and left it with the missionaries in Tennessee. Our rental here has one so I am now on the search for what kind to get. Oh my - they are not no $150? Talk about a world I know nothing about. Some load on top or the front. Some wash and dry. Some rewash if you leave them in too long, some make you a turkey sandwich. I really want pale pink ones, but don't think they make that color. Heck if I am going to have to do laundry why not do it in a cute pink washer and dryer.

Anyone have any advice on top load, front load, wave touch controls, steam dryer.....???
What kind of washer dryer to do you have?


Anonymous said...

We have had a basic model, extra large Maytag top load washer and front load dryer for 16 years, paid about $900 for both. The dryer has never had an issue and it runs alot since we have 3 messy kids. The washer needed a new belt and had a sock escape once into an area it didn't belong. My husband was able to do both those repairs himself ($15 part for the first, no cost for the second) because the top load is mechanically very simple and you can find detailed instructions for free on the internet how to repair it yourself. If we had the most advanced front load digital model not sure that would be the case. Also my mother in law has the front load and when she forgets to leave the door ajar it grows mildew.
So my advice is you might not really be better off with the most expensive latest thing in washers.

patsy said...

last may I bought a front loading LG steam - top of the line- front loading washer & dryer.

I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM. they were worth every. single. penny.

I only wish I would have had them years ago! The LG doesn't have the mildew issue that the other brands seem to have. I can put anything in the washer on "sanitize" and yes!! I love it. i could go on & on about them... but I won't. I will say I literally do 1/3 to 1/2 as much laundry because you can fit 3 times as many clothes or more in these machines!! and I can wash comforters & SLEEPING BAGS & oh I love these machines. I have freinds bring over their kids barfed on comforters & I wash them on sanitize!!
I picked out shiny navy blue & they are so pretty. I have allergies & one of my kids has asthma-- these are the only machines approved to get out pollen etc.
what can I say- I totally love these babies! check them out

melissa's life said...

I bought a set of maytag neptune w/d 10 years ago when they 1st came out. I think I paid around $1600 for the set. they are a lot more fancy these days, but I love my set. I don't regret buying them at all. I don't have problems with mildew in my machine and I always leave the door closed. I am able to do huge loads- with 4 kids that's a must. Also I'm able to do bedding- even my king size comforter goes in with no trouble. being that all my kids still have accidents at night I'm so glad I have machines to do all the bedding. I also have friends come over to do their bedding. I hope my machines last another 10 years (I've never had a problem thus far) and when it's time to get another set I'll get the front loading again- I'm sure there will be even more fun features next time.

michelle said...

I love that pink damask!!

And I don't really have anything to contribute on the washer/dryer issue. We bought some middle of the line ones about 7 years ago and I am not very pleased. I always have to run the dryer twice!

Lauralee said...

we have a front load washer. I like that you can put soooo much mroe in it than our old one... I can't remember how much it was maybe 600 a couple years ago. we don't have the matching set cause our dryer was working fine, I usually have to run the dryer 2x cause the washer can handle so much more..
find the pink... that would be cute.. wallpaper- love it.. the print is beautiful1

Jill said...

I'm glad you survived Jeff's Colorado trip again this year! Randy NEVER has to go out of town, so the thought of it actually sounds appealing to me. I like it when things change every now and again, but they never do.

I'm excited for you to find your new home and to decorate it the way you want to do it, that wall paper is beautiful!

I have no advice for you on the washer and dryers since I'm rocking it old school with 17 year old hand-me-downs from Amie.

Jinii said...

I have the LG front loading washer and ryer as well and love them! I have never had an issue with mildew and I never leave the door open. I would buy them again in a second.

Anonymous said...

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brooke said...

I could talk all day about this...I would just avoid the Maytag front loaders--that's what I have. I know someone else just recommended them but mine stink and have mildew. There is nothing like bringing a fresh clean towel to your face that stinks like an old gym sock.

I like front loaders because you can fit a lot in and they aren't hard on your clothes because they don't have the agitator but if you get front loaders, you need to leave the door open on the washer at all times when it is not being used to avoid the mildew problem.

There was a class action suit with Maytag about 4 years ago and mine had not begun to stink yet so I didn't get to cash in. Of course, mine went downhill about a year later and now I'm stuck with them.

Go with the LGs!

Kristy said...

I have the same set that Patsy does except mine are red and I LOVE them too!! With the steam dryer there are NO MORE dryer sheets and that saves a bunch of money! You use the steam instead. They are so worth the money....if you watch the sales they will usually close of models. That is how I got mine. They were closing out the red ones only and we saved about $1500.00 on the set. I also have the stands with the storage and I love those too. I store rags under my dryer and laundry supplies under the washer.

I had the old Neptune front loaders and HATED the washer. I had tons of mildew issues but these new LG steam washer and steamer dryers do not have that issue!! Good luck!

Nora from Chicago said...

I have the same LG steam washer/dryer that Patsy has - only in white. Did a lot of research on quality and on price. They do have the machines in fire engine red, but no pink!
The researchers were right about the quality, size and efficiency. I have no regrets in my choice and in fact, recommend them. Does take some getting use to the high efficiency/water conserving stuff, though, and washing times. But you will figure it out.
On price, I got the top of the line at the same price as a much cheaper, less efficient machine b/c I found a store that matched prices (I waited to match prices until all the stores had them on sale) plus an additional 10% off the best price, gave an extra discount if you opened the store charge card, free delivery and removal of the old machines. The mfg. also had a rebate - so a great deal all around. Start checking prices (as if you have nothing better to do!). I think the appliances go on sale in the spring.
Wall paper is expensive. Check into having someone stencil the damask print on your walls - that is the hot thing here in Chicago - stenciling a pattern tone on tone - just a little darker hue or using a hint of metallic color over the underlying color.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I hear you on the washer. We just had to buy a new one after 25 years. We bought the Samsung steam cleaner because Consumer Reports rated it as the best and it had a good sale the weekend we needed to replace it. I don't think it can make a turkey sandwich, but it's not because it wouldn't try! It is pretty remarkable.

stacy{s} said...

i love my LG Tromm front loaders!!! They are not the steam ones but just down from that. Bought them at Home Depot because they have 6 months same as cash so it made it less painful. good luck!

lisa (lost pezhead) said...

my friend posted a little about their washer/dryer:

i have no idea personally, since we bought what was cheapest.

Marie said...

You've made me want to wallpaper. And that is saying something.

Andie said...

We recently bought the Maytag front loaders in RED! We don't have the steam feature. And honestly, I have had to get used to the idea of my things taking a "sponge bath" instead of sloshing around in gallons and gallons of suds. You also have to run a tablet or bleach through it once a month or so to keep out mildew. I leave the door and the little drawer open in between loads as well to let it air out or it smells. All in all not exactly what I was hoping for in energy efficiency. But they ARE red.

Price Cream Parlor said...

You ok? It's been a long time since a post....have you thawed out yet?

Melinda said...

We have the Whirlpool Duet. I have had them for about4-6 months and I love them. We thought about getting them in color but I am too cheap to pay the extra 500-1000 for the color ones. Every time I do laundry I repeat to myself how much I love these front loading machines. I can get all of my laundry done in a day. That is 12 loads. I don't have the steam feature and I haven't thought once that I wish I had it. I have never had a smell issue with mine either. They have been just great.

Karen R. said...

I too have the Whirlpool Duet. LOVE them! You will be amazed at how much less time you spend doing laundry. I got mine on Black Friday and they were about 60% off reg. retail - great deal if you could wait until then! I got the steam feature because the delivery was late and they upped the model to compensate. Though it is nice to have, I'm glad I didn't pay extra for it. As others have said, I am much too tight to pay extra for colors. I have thought about spray painting them though ;) Good luck with the move!

Mshaver said...

My husband and I bought the red Maytag Front-Load washer and dryer and it's the best investment we have EVER made!! You can wash one sock if you want...I love not having to wait on a full load if I have only one thing I need washed! It only dispenses enough water to wash that one item you put in, so you don't waste any water. You also can't hear all. It's super quiet and FAST. I love the "sanitary" cycle (that takes a while) but is perfect for towels, undergarments and I love to wash our sheets on that cycle. There's a quick wash cycle that takes 30 minutes or less...and a timer stays displayed at all times letting you know how much longer you have until your clothes are finished and it beeps when they are done! Love, Love, Love mine!! As far as the mildew is are supposed to leave the washer door cracked, and I've never had a problem with mildew, but there are tablets you buy to "wash" your washing machine once a month. That way it stays sanitary and you know there's no "critters" growing in your machine! I love mine and HIGHLY reccommend them! Saved us ALOT of time and money!!!