Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blizzard 2010

We woke up today to another Snow storm. By 9:30am we had already watched a movie, had inches of fresh snow and were going stir crazy. We only have two windows on the main level of our house, so it feels so dark and I swear the walls are shrinking! So we decided to take a little walk and brave the elements.
We took along the video camera so Dad could see all the fun he has been missing for a week. (we miss you like CRAZY!)
We ended up walking to our friends house, stayed there the entire day, ate all their food and then came home after dark.
in summary...
  • School is out until after President's Day
  • Stake Conference is canceled for Sunday.
  • The grocery store shelves were EMPTY yesterday when I went out
  • Of course the week Jeff is gone from work the Government shuts down and he would have had the week off anyway
  • I just noticed there will be more snow on Monday
  • The one year I do the kids Valentines 3 weeks early they won't even need them
  • I still have cookie dough in the bucket


Bugg's mama said...

What a great video! And music, too. So I guess you'll have tons of snow to make all your cute Jell-O hearts in, eh? I love that idea, by the way. Stay warm 'n cozy!

Erin said...


YOu just snuggle those sweet girls and drink hot chocolate! How fun!

Lauralee said...

glad you have some cookie dough left! hang in there! I think I would feel like the walls were shrinking too... what a huge storm! we have had such a mild winter on this side, I just saw a news article saying they are worried about water... we didn't have enough rain... REALLY? in Washington? Crazy huh? hang in there!

Charity said...

Crazy! My kiddos would be loving no school for a while...although missing valentines day might be a bummer for them.

Hope it stops snowing soon. What a crazy February!

Liz said...

You guys got the best snow! My kids are so jealous! We were supposed to have a massive snow storm yesterday, but really it was weak compared to all the snow you got. I think we maybe got 5 inches. We were really hoping to have to dig ourselves out, but no luck! Although Ben did stay home from work, just in case, so he wouldn't get stuck on the road somewhere.

Wish I could send you some food, but it probably wouldn't get to you. Have you got flour? You could make your own bread at least. Milk would be a problem though, right?

I saw a cute playdough idea, which reminded me of those shamrocks you made last year. This one they molded heart shapes with their hands, poked a hole through, and then baked in oven for an hour or so. Then they painted them pink and red, and strung them from knobs. We baked ours yesterday and plan on painting tomorrow when the kids are off for real for President's weekend.

Good luck finding things to do!

The Trammell's said...

We wish we were snowed in w/ you guys! Hot chocolate and snuggling sound like so much fun. Love you!

michelle said...

I can't believe more than a week off of school!! Crazy. And pretty fun that you guys are there for this record-breaking winter.

Shauna said...

And here I sit, wishing I could be grounded to my house! I have been too on the go and would love to stay stay stay home for just a few days.
Now the snow and empty store shelves...not so much!
Stay safe and warm!!!

Jill said...

This looks like so much fun. I hope you aren't going stir crazy because being snowed in for a week sounds wonderful to me!

Christine said...

Living in southern california there are times I wish we actually had a "real" winter with snow. Living that reality after visiting family in Utah for a week in the middle of winter cures that desire real quick.

Great job documenting it!

Price Cream Parlor said...

I've been thinking about you and wondering how you guys are doing! I can't believe that your husband isn't home to miss work this week! What a bummer!
Loved the video - the visual of the mailboxes and lamp posts are crazy! SO much snow!
Hope you don't go too stir crazy!!