Friday, April 30, 2010

Here I am in UTAH. The most beautiful place, I can't stop looking at the mountains. It is snowing here and the mountains are painted white.
Jill, Michelle and I are in our 3rd annual Women's Conference gathering.
We seem to have mastered how to express when we are hungry, want to go to a different class, take a break from walking up long sets of stairs, stop and take a self portraits, get an emergency mint brownie (I have only had one so far) and the beauty of us is we are all one mind and are 3 who think like one. This is a great friendship and I feel like one lucky gal to have these two!
I revealed a few things to them yesterday that could have given them plenty of reason to give me the boot as a friend. (me -not a fan of Jane Austin movies and have never read any of her books - cat's are not cute!) They paused a bit by my statements but still love me and my craziness.
We have now been friends for 21 years.
Jill's sister in law is giving a class at 2:00 pm at the Varsity theater. We will be gathering for lunch at the Wilk and of course a mint brownie at noon.
Ahh off to get ready for another great day!

6 comments: said...

sooo happy to see a post from you. i know life must be crazy busy for you right now. have a great time with the girls!!

Beth Peach said...

Kristy! I know you're probably super busy with conference, but I'd love to see you while you're out here!

The Trammell's said...

Have a great time Kristi! Love you :)

kelly said...

i have 3 friends that i meet every year for education week so i know exactly what you are talking about, even the mint brownies! we stay up way too late wear ourselves out going to classes and love every min. of it!!

Sharon C. said...

Glad you are having a great time -- wonderful memories I have of last year!!

shron said...

That is just the cutest photo of you girls. Meeting the 3 of you last year at your lunchtime blogging meet-&-greet was so wonderful! I was sad to have to miss out this year.

You are one memorable person! So happy! So full of joy! I'm glad you got to come again this year for your roomate weekend :)