Monday, April 19, 2010

Vintage Everything Pink teacher and end of school ideas!!

gumball jars.
I finished the teacher gifts this morning. They are the same thing I did last year. They are so easy and quite cheap. (about $1.50 including gum, jar, ribbon and top) You buy the gum and the jars at Sams Club, the tops at Wal-mart. There is a really cheap place in Salt Lake to get bulk gum and you can even buy the color you want.
I made a photo gallery with everything I used to make them. Last year I spray painted all the gold tops red or white, but this year I just bought the plaid ones. so much easier!
The labels reads...
Thanks for "chewsing" to teach at Huntersbend.
Annie Kate had a "ball" this year!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006
End of the year shirt.
I just finished Annie Kate's end of the year t-shirt! This will be her 3 year doing this. Here is photo from last year. It has been a fun tradition. I send her to school on the last day wearing a t-shirt, a fabric marker on a string for everyone to sign the shirt and a disposable camera to take photos.
You can see close up photos here.
I used a $3.33 t-shirt from wal-mart. I buy the iron on transfers (i use these all the time for things, Annie Kate's special pj shirt that she slept in before her first day of kindergarten. more ideas to come) from Avery. Walmart has the best price. If anyone has any other great resource for these let me know.
I used my grapics program and printed out photos from the year with kids in her class.
Some of the things i typed up are:
I love Huntersbend.
Mr. Tom is the best bus driver
I will miss you Ms. Coppins (the principal)
First grader today, Second grader tomorrow
Best first grade teacher sign here! ______________
Class of 2006
you get the idea....

This is such an easy project and fast! Let me know if you have any questions or need some help.
I then just sewed a gingam ribbon on the bottom.
I have a few more end of school ideas, and again am sorry you are getting these late, with not enough time to do them, but you will be prepared for next year.


Jill said...

It's funny that these are vintage. I so miss you posting regularly!

michelle said...

I love the way you follow through on things the rest of us only think about!

Anonymous said...

Love the ribbon trim on the T Shirt! You are 2 Clever!

Nora from Chicago said...

I am Not anonymous! I just can't post from this IPhone w/ my "fat fingers". Ugh!! The trim is a great touch!

Mary Elizabeth said...

I can't believe your gumball jars are done already!!!!!!! I looked at jars 2 days ago and then said .. that can wait another week or so .. way to go!!! i love , love ,love this iddea and everyone thought it was so cute last year!!! kiss that sweet brain of yours!!