Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Awesome Delivery from a
kind of stranger that is now my friend

This morning a very darling stranger showed up on my doorstep with gifts in hand. She has read my blog and saw that I was in need of Otter Pops and a really good hug.
She also delivered me her favorite candy bar from Whole Foods (what I didn't know they even sold such a sinful thing), which I hid on the top shelf to the left.
Mrs. J was on her way to girls camp and was nice enough to make the stop in my hood before she left. She found me on the congregation website for our church and I was so thrilled to get a friendly hug.
Speaking of freezer I just had to take a photo of the front of my new one. It is so She' She' for me. As you get close to the ice maker it turns all a glow so you can decide which of the 6 buttons you want to push. One of them is an alarm for the door - oh my. I have not figured out how to work it but I wonder if it says "Beep Beep! No eating after 7:00! Go to the Gym you chubby bum"

It is too dark to take photos tonight but I think I may have the best Craigslist story ever. We made a new purchase tonight that saved us thousands of dollars.
More to come tomorrow!


Kelly(M&M) said...

See that? You are loved wherever you go! I was hoping you would move to the Northwest, but I am excited to hear about your adventure in Colorado. Love you! Still want to meet up for a race sometime. :-)I am glad you are getting settled and I LOVE your freezer.

Jill said...

I love it that that woman stopped by with treats and a hug for you, that's so nice!

I'm going to try to mentally prepare for your Craiglist story because I know I'll be shaking my head and saying, "Only Kristi!"

Jill said...

P.S. Your blog is still on Eastern time.

Liz said...

That's awesome!! You are so loved!!

Your freezer sounds cool! It looks like its built in. My hopefully new house (we are hoping to find out today if we close in a month or not), has a beautiful kitchen with a built in fridge. Can't wait to be in it!

Your craigslist find sounds awesome! DId you get a wooden play structre/swing set?? I just missed one on my craigslist!

michelle said...

I can believe your surprise delivery. These things just seem to happen to you, Kristi. I am thrilled when people are thoughtful and generous and follow through on their impulses!

Your fridge/freezer is beautiful!

patsy said...

I love your freezer!!!
I love that you are posting so much!
I love that you live in denver!

and I love that you are feeling loved because you should :)

linda said...

I just love that Mrs. J stopped by and made a delivery! So sweet and thoughtful...but where's the picture of you two!?!

Your new fridge looks amazing as does your new home! You need to tell me where to look around in HR. Are you in the Falcon Ridge division? HR is sooo big!

Anonymous said...

We miss you!!! Glad to see you are loving your new place, even if there is a big hole in your old one. I am so glad you have your blog and we can still check on you all and see what you are up to which is bound to be amazing. You are an amazing person with a super family. I am so sad I didn't get to give you a big hug good bye. We love and miss you The Millers

Kelly said...

Oh, that is so so nice of your new Otter Pop friend. How thoughtful!

We must have the same fridge (though mine does not have the same beautiful doors yours does). We accidentally set off that fridge alarm. Holy cow! I'm not sure what that feature is for, but it could sure scare you away from forbidden fridge use!

Lauralee said...

that is just sweet! love it! awesome fridge!