Monday, June 28, 2010

filthy kids

Since we have moved here to this neighborhood my kids are filthy dirty. Jeff is already trying to figure out some way the kids can wash their feet before they come in the house each time. Anyone have any ideas of a door mat foot bath?
We have used more band aids in a week than we normally used in a year.
I don't want to complain because it means our kids are just running a muck in the back yard and having so much fun.
Our neighbors here are incredible. The gifts and food have not stopped coming. One of the girls families brought us some flowers and made us heart brownies.

I guess I should have heeded my own advice since I had given Annie Kate this talk before we moved that just because we are moving into a bigger space does not mean our life will be all better. It does not mean we will still not feel lonely or miss our friends.
My broken pipe that was running on Sunday seems to be fixed and I am recollecting myself. A gal in our congregation had Caroline over today and it meant the world to me that she spent the time to track down our phone number to invite her over.
I have learned that the only way we will survive is if we buy the otter pops instead of the ones that come on sticks. We can go through a few boxes each day if I am not careful
Here is a sampling of what my back yard looks like on most days - dreamy!

These were the kids today that talked Jeff into giving up unpacking for an hour to take them all to the pool down the street. He loaded them all up in the truck and they had such a great time.
They then all came to the basement to watch the Bee movie and we ended the night at 11:30 with smores around the fire pit.

We are one blessed little family and I welcome being the home that can finally start giving back to the neighbors - we have been taken care of for so long and I have been trained by the best.

better get to sleep the gang will be jumping on the tramp as soon as the sun comes up!

(oh and the biggest thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on my hitting the wall post - blogging is a key factor to getting through any move)

... and here is Nora's wise advice for hanging pictures.

"Museums hang artwork on walls 58" on center. That is, the center of the picture or grouping should be 58" off the floor. Measure to 58" and then be sure to add the additional inches to the hang wire.

Seems like that is too low, but it isn't!

You may want to trace the shape of the object out of paper, tape it to the space where you think it should be hung and see if you like it. If not, readjust! That's what Martha would do :-) "
*Nora in Chicago


Anonymous said...

I just love the way you see the best in everything. It's definitely a talent that doesn't come easily to me. I hope that your transition to life as a Coloradan is filled with much happiness and joy alongside all of those learning opportunities that make life interesting :)

michelle said...

I love the pictures of all the kids in the backyard! You are totally the kind of mom that would keep the neighborhood in popsicles. And smores around the fire pit? Dreamy!

Your pink attitude will serve you well in any situation, KBC. Love you.

Kari Lynne said...

I'm so happy that your neighbors are being so wonderful. That makes all the difference when moving. We have the same feeling only on a MUCH smaller scale. Hopefully we can come visit before school starts or at least Spencer and the girls. They would love it. Love ya!

Jill said...

The dirty feet issue definitely needs to be solved, that would gross me out for sure.

What a blessing to have so many friends around for the kids! When I was going into 5th grade we moved to California and I was friendless for an entire summer! The same thing happened when we moved to Michigan when I was going into 8th grade. It was rough!

Liz said...

I love it! You are one lucky girl to have that many great kids in your neighborhood! I wish we were so lucky!

Price Cream Parlor said...

Dirty feet problem - have a small bucket of water by the back door (outside of course!) with a towel. Littles MUST step in the water, wait until they count to 20, then wipe the feet with the towel. Changing a hand towel a few times a day is MUCH better than ruined flooring and carpet!

HEAVEN!!! Seriously - to move and have littles COME to your home!!! HEAVEN! What a great transition for your littles - to have instant friends!

Good luck with unpacking!

JENNIFRO said...

So fun. You're so lucky you moved in the summer when things are lazy and easy... such a bonus for you all. COVET the fridge.