Thursday, June 10, 2010

A few weeks ago I found these two chairs at my favorite grungy consignment shop in Maryland.
I wish I would have got a better shot of the pee stain in the center.

Then last week our family went to New York City. We got to watch the closing 4:00 pm closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange. (note Caroline still mad about how much stock she lost that day)

After we got out I told Jeff we have got to find a fabric store in the city so I can get those chairs recovered. Telling Jeff that at 4:30 pm we need to drive around NYC and find a fabric store produced a priceless face.

He was a sport and I googled searched the closest store that was through China Town.

The store was called Zarin Fabrics and it had the word discount in the description in so I was all in.

Jeff dropped me off on the corner and then found a parking spot and then came in with the girls.

It was heaven. It was a warehouse full of wonderful fabrics. (I feel more comfortable in a digging type of shopping that "she she" any day of the week) I knew what I wanted so I was zipping through there like a flying bat. I had a question and this guy said go ask Jill. I went to the back and asked this lady who had a red haired pony tail with reading glasses on her head. She was really helpful and we ended up picking just what we wanted.

They cut my fabric and the girls were total sports

It was not until later that my sister-in-law informed me that I was at Jill Zarin's store. I had never heard of her before but turns out she is on some show about women who live in NYC. Durn - if I would have known I would have made her take a photo with me.

I brought my fabric home. Took them to the upholstery on Monday and picked them up today.
Yea! I love them
Thanks Mrs. Zarin for your help.
These chairs will always remind us of our great day in NYC!

And thanks to J & C Interiors for doing such a great job and getting them in time for me to move. If you live in the area they are great!!! Tell June I sent you!


Natasha said...

Too cool! I love mindless trash tv so Real Housewives is a favorite.

stacy{s} said...

okay...I forgive you about the green sofa. Gorgeous. I seriously don't know how you do it in fabric stores like that. You have a gift.

brooke said...

Your chairs turned out gorgeous! I was laughing as I was reading this because I knew exactly where you were and that it was Jill from The Real Housewives helping you. She is on the cover of US magazine this week so you were rubbing elbows with a real celeb.

Jill said...

I've never heard of that woman before, so I would have been clueless as well.

How fun that you found that fabric while you were in New York and that the chairs are already done! I can't wait to see everything in your new house.

Elizabeth said...

They turned out great! How perfect to take one more thrift store find with you!

Anne said...

What ever happened to that green sofa I loved so much? You always said you wouldn't be taking it with you when you moved.

Love that you saw one of the Real Housewives and didn't have a clue! The chairs are beautiful!

LJ, DC and ML said...

HA! When I saw the pic I wondered if you'd found Zarin fabrics. Hillarious. I'll say though Kristi, I think you'd hate that show (I personally have to admit I love it, but its total trash) and your hubby would probably HATE the show even more than my hubby does. And that's a lot.
What a fun trip!

lelly said...

oh, the thought of you crossing paths with RHW jill zarin is hysterical to me!

the chairs turned out GORGEOUS, DAHLING, and i say that in my best RHW of NY accent ;)

patsy said...


I too was sad to see the green couch go...

what fun in NY city!!!
my very favorite city in the world

Price Cream Parlor said...

LOVE these! In fact my cute Mom just called me this morning to have me look and see your new chairs! She announced that I needed this type of chair in my living room!!!
How fun!!
Good luck with all that you have to do!!!

The Trammell's said...

NO WAY...Jill Zarin! Chairs turned out gorgeous and you've got a great story to tell everyone!

Liz said...

The chairs look awesome!! Thanks for the tip on the fabric...I will have to check that place out sometime when I need to recover some furniture.

Staffieri Family said...

I am dying at your post! I just caught up on all of this last seasons episodes of RH of new York!!! That is hilarious that you worked with Jill!!!

kelly said...

the chairs are awesome...totally loved that you didn't know who jill was..I wonder what she thought..I am sure they (zarin fabrics) get a lot of people walking in just to see jill and you were in there not having a clue who she was!! love it!

michelle said...

I love that your family indulged you and that you were able to find the fabric you wanted. What a great memory of your trip! The chairs are beautiful, you have such a way of finding great items, Kristi.

Mindy said...

I can't wait to see all your treasures put together in your home!!!! What an amazing story! I can't believe you tracked down a fabric store in NYC. I think that the "look" from Jeff you got is the same one I get from David every once in a while1 so funny!

Anonymous said...

That is sooooo hilarious! I wish that you would have gotten a picture of her helping you! She has had a very traumatic year on Housewives of NYC...she probably could have used a hug (kidding....she was the beast of the season!!!!). LOVE the chairs!! They look amazing!!

Deb C

Amy said...

How funny that you met Jill Zarin and didn't know who she was! I would have been a little star struck because I love the Real Housewives of NYC. Such trashy TV, but they have gotten me through many nights!

Your chairs turned out beautiful! I'm sure they'll look great in your new house!

Andrea said...

lucky to have been to jills store i watch her show and its drama, drama, drama but i love it.