Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My phone ran away! It has been gone now for over a week and a half. I think it went back to Maryland because it misses everyone so much.
I am out of sorts with out it. I went to get a new one and am on a 2 week waiting list.
For me the iphone has nothing to do with being a phone, that just seems like a bonus that it makes and takes calls.
I use it mostly to navigate going from place to place and to hold half my brain. I love being able to push a button and say "Goodwill" and it will give me a map to my closest Goodwill.

I seem to be finding my way around so easily here. It reminds me often of where I grew up in New Mexico. As long as you can see the mountains then you can always find your way home. I used a GPS system up until I left Maryland, learned my way around Nashville and always got lost in New Orleans - so it is nice to feel comfortable leaving the house thinking I can find my way back.

I am helping with the upcoming Relief Society BBQ. It has been a blessing to give me something to do and meet some of the women at church. The BBQ will be in my back yard and it has motivated me to finish the details all over my home. I feel so blessed to finally have a space that can host friends.

I spoke to my buddy today back home (or our old home) and got kind of teary hearing about the swim team. We really miss that part of our life.
She told me they had a small earthquake last week. We warned our friends that every place we move from has a weather disaster and to watch out
I have needed some new shoes so bad. All I have been wearing are a pair of broken crocs. I visited the Nordstrom Anniversary sale last night to try to find some. The gal said that she has to bring out 4 pairs anytime someone asks to buy shoes. So she brought out these Sperry Topsiders because she said they are so comfy (a total must for shoe buying these days)
I felt bad because I looked at her like "Are you kidding me?" These are so 80's. But hey I love the 80's.
Long story short - I bought them. I love them and have been wearing them all day. I have no idea if they are cool again like they were in high school, but they do make some super cute shoes these days. (and darling Wellies!)

I have also become a clean house freak. I can't believe it - me? I am loving doing laundry in my new washing machine and dryer and have to force myself to not do it every day. I just may get used to no outside responsibilities.

off to find something to Windex!

So are Sperry's back in or what?

15 comments: said...

Judging my the insane display they had a store in Cool Springs the other day, I would say they are SO back.

I never in my life thought I would hear you say anything about missing your cell phone. But, I can definitely understand how the iPhone can change your life. I would be so lost without mine. I hope yours comes back soon.

I have something for you, so email me your new address.

Autumn said...

YES sperrys are in! a friend talked me into buying some with her & I love mine! They are so comfy, but I just got the plain tan ones! All the cool kids are wearing them these days!

Also I feel the same way about my iphone! it's totally a plus that it takes calls!!!

love that you are helping w/ the RS BBQ! And I love all the details of your house! I bought something at a garage sale last week that I hope to make into a cute project! We'll see if it works out!

Jill said...

What happened to your phone? Did you lose it or break it or something?

My sister Lori loves her iphone so much she doesn't even mind that it drops her calls all the time!

Woohoo for hosting a Relief Society BBQ! I'm excited for you to have a great yard and home to do that in.

Those shoes are super 80's, so I'm not surprised you love them!

Janae said...

I'm so sorry about your phone. I love mine to death...literally it almost died in my hands the night it fell to the's a bit cracked but, still working:) I love your blog. I am sorry I have not been a good commenter. I am curious, if you have an app that lets you say where you want to go into the phone and it can give you a map of that? If so, I need that app!

Andie said...

Happy new shoes! You will have to join SHOESday next week with your new find!

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

Yes, sperrys are in but we didnt call them that did we?? It was a new term when I saw people wearing them. I can't pull myself into liking them .. yet :o)

Glad you are settling into your new home and already hosting events!!

Andie said...

Every Tuesday is SHOESday at my main blog.

Love your newbies.

Mindy said...

You've got me curious! I just checked online and they don't sell that color. They have a cute brown one for fall......should I do it???!!

Jennifer (mom of four) said...

I would say the Sperry's are back in Kristi!

My mother in law lives in rockville and felt the tremor.

we just got back from our annual trip to vermont with the kids and we couldn't fit in a swing through DC and MD so I missed going to the Ribbon Outlet. I was so glad when you told me about that wonderful place. I hope you stocked up before you left! Have you found any cool places where you live now?

Kristi said...

I was at a movie a while ago, and some teens behind me were talking about a pair of penny loafers- I so had those as a teen! who knows what will come back in? I wish I had kept so many of my things when I was younger!

tarab said...

oh, are they ever back. I personally had Jazz shoes and Sebagos -- they had a larger tongue and a few more holes for laces and were only in brown leather. My sister said these are the required shoe for her daughter's HS dress code. (won't talk about me having a neice in HS...) Now, if Tretorns would also be cool for tweens...

Deb said...
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Deb said...

are you still looking for your phone? is that why you haven't posted anything new in the last week??? hope you find your phone real soon so we can continue to hear all about your new life in colorado!!

Price Cream Parlor said...

Just wondering if you ran away trying to find your phone?! :-)

patsy said...

Dear Kristi-
I just got my new iphone this past week. I am learning how to use it & wondering- what are some of your favorite apps?

just curious-