Friday, November 05, 2010

Laundry Queen

I love being on top of my laundry and since we have moved into our new house and have a wonderful space for laundry I thought I would come up with something that would make it easy to stay on task.

I came up with the idea of each girl having their own day for laundry and for that day they are the Laundry Queen.

On the morning of their day they get a little tag that is hung on the door that says
You are the Laundry Queen.
On the bottom of the tag it tells them exactly what to bring downstairs. Strip their bed, all clothes in the hamper and towels out of the bathroom.

They also will find the pink crown (found at Goodwill and was spray painted pink)on the edge of their bed letting the whole house know they are Queen for the day.
I also have a large bag of Japanese erasers that they get to chose from if they fold and put their clothes away on the same day.

It was worked wonders. Few things I like about our little program.
  1. They feel a huge sense of responsibly and are excited to find the tag on their door.
  2. They carry down their laundry. I don't care how it gets down stairs, it just has to get there. They have been known to drop it over the balcony. (note to self, build chute someday)
  3. They all have learned how to turn on the washing machine
  4. They are disappointed when they don't get to put their stuff in the dryer (this often happens when they are at school)
  5. They love having bragging rights of being the Queen
  6. Having them have their own day means I don't have to sort clothes, just fold them. I love this part!

also while I was upstairs with my camera I took a photo of Annie Kate's latest school project. They are learning to knit in art. Since she has been home all week from school (sick), she has been able to finish her darling scarf.

Also while I was upstairs I thought I would show my cool thrifted find from the summer. The chest on the floor was my great craigslist find this summer, but the print on top was my favorite. I found it at the Paris Fla Market that is every month during the summer, just 4 miles from my house.
It is a framed piece of wallpaper! I don't know how old it is but I love it. The frame fits perfectly for the Girls wing of the house, which I call "Buttonwood".

I call that part of the house Buttonwood because when I was in Conneticut one year I saw a street that was called Buttonwood. Oh can you imagine having that be your address - it is oh so Charming! Since our street is not Buttonwood (but funny very close to that) I decided to name the part of the house that hold my three little queens "Buttonwood"
I am trying to come up with the perfect sign made out of Buttons to put upstairs - I should ask my friend Terry, he is a master with Buttons!

Anyway, the two graphics in this post are copyright free, I think I got them off of Graphicsfairy, in case you want to make your own Laundry Queen (or King) signs for your house!



The Trammell's said...

Why can't I be as creative as you! Love the Queen for a day idea :)

LJ, DC and ML said...

Jules, I bet your youngest would get a kick out of being the laundry queen for the day. Or at least a few chuckles. Kristi, can one of your queens come to my house and do my laundry?
We have a street near us called "Easy Street." Its full of apartments, but must be great to live there!

Natasha said...


And I love that bedroom door!

Jill said...

That's such a cute idea! You always have a way of making things more fun. (I tend to focus too much on the learning life skills part of it.)

Anne said...

I love Annie Kate's scarf. She chose such beautiful colors! Perhaps she'd like to give it to a certain person with her same first name for Christmas? Only kidding!

michelle said...

This is genius! I love it. Way to incorporate rewards, tangible and intangible, with the work.

How cool that AK is learning to knit! I love knitting.

patsy said...

You are amazing :)
I love it!!!

I'm still sad I am not your neighbor...

stacy{s} said...

2 2 clever ;)

Price Cream Parlor said...

Such a great idea... wonder if it is only cute for girls - might have to try the laundry KING and let you know how that goes. HA!!!

My boys always do their own laundry by the end of 11th grade until they leave home. They need to learn these life skills sometimes... ha

Love the scarf!!! Love the colors she chose!

Jek said...

such a great idea kristi!!! Anni kate's room is DAAARRRLLIIINNGGG!! I hate mine after seeing hers! Which blue did you end up using? It looks delish!!!
sure miss ya!

a happy heart blog. said...

I am oodling over this idea. Wondering how I can tailor it to my girls. I have been trying to find a way to "encourage" rather than force the whole laundry thing on them. Did it take off right away? Even with your older girl? Thanks for the idea - ifyou want I will let you know if this works for us! Michelle :)

Sharon said...

Great idea and I love the pictures -- the scarf is wonderful!!

Jenni Coberly said...

I love this idea. I am for sure doing this with my family!

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