Saturday, November 13, 2010

This day was years in the making!
Today our little family went skiing and began our long dream of being a ski family. It was one of the huge reasons we picked to take a job in Colorado.
One of the reasons Jeff picked his profession was because he wanted to be able to afford to ski with his family. (this is a pricey sport - yikes! Good thing Goodwill is my Nordstrom)
We had a great and wonderful day. It was the girls first times seeing "live skiers" (their words) as well as standing on skis.
Annie Kate basically taught herself because Jeff and I were with the little ones.
Jeff wins Dad of the year being able to work with those "tweedles" (Jeff's nickname for those two crazy girls)
Riding in the Gondola up and down the mountain while it was snowing was my favorite part.
I can't believe we did it and got all the gear up there and on their bodies.
I of course after packing three bags this morning at 6:00 am forgot my ski pants and had to buy some new ones at the resort (ouch $179.00 - that would have bought me 20 at Goodwill)When we got home the girls gave out awards for the day of skiing. Jeff won best ski teacher hands down. It will take a few years before we spend more time during the day skiing than bribing, eating, crying and riding ski lifts - but until then we are loving it and it has been worth the wait!!
Oh I just feel so incredibly blessed today!


Barb said...

That is awesome - we don't have enough snow to make the skiing worthwhile yet. We have been lucky enough to teach one kid at a time. I am impressed to read that you started all the girls together on the same day. You'll sleep well tonight, I"m sure.

The Trammell's said...

Welcome to the fold Kristi! I can't wait to ski w/ you guys!

{natalie} said...

what an awesome post. i love it.

i desperately wish i could do this with my family....but until i get over my fear of embaressment on skis and working on saturdays, i don't know if it will happen.

Jill said...

Wow, how exciting to have this dream come true! I'm happy for your cute family to have this fun past time. I feel slightly deprived that I have never been snow skiing ever in my whole life!

michelle said...

This is so cool, Kristi!

I first tried skiing in CO and absolutely loved it. Then we moved to PA and I went there and absolutely hated it. I haven't been since!

I had no idea that being a skiing family influenced Jeff's career choice. That really is a dream that was years in the making! Congratulations to you all, what a fun family activity that will turn out to be.

patsy said...


HOOORay for dreams coming true

stacy{s} said...

We are green with envy...or should that be white with envy? So happy to see this dream fulfilled and that the dream lived up to the expectations. ;)

Price Cream Parlor said...

This is the best family activity ever! Congrats on having a successful day! (did I mention already that I love seeing families wear helmets on the mtn?! No one does and it is scary business!)

Juli said...

The first time we take our children skiing, they always cry the first half of the day, and enjoy the second half - then get a really good nights sleep.

Jennifer said...

Ahh...I remember a ski day at Sundance many years ago...I think I still have a photo of it somewhere. (The one on the mountian...not in the ski patrol office!)