Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mama Mia - I am behind.

I wonder why I can't get my "blog on" and sit down everyday like I used to. So here are a few thoughts from last week.
The girls had the day off that Mega Mind started in the movie theaters. So we went to one of the first shows and had no crowds.
Since moving here I have loved going to the movies with the girls. They can now all sit in their own seat, go the whole movie without going to the bathroom and I love the movie theaters here, they are so clean and huge!
I have never been given one of these surveys before but Annie Kate and I both got one to give our thoughts about the movie for a national survey.
That night Jeff and I went out downtown. Going on dates is something we have very rarely done in our marriage. One of my pet peeves is when people say to me, "no matter what every week you have to have a date with your husband" really? really? ugh it totally bugs me! I think saying that to someone is appropriate as saying everyone should have a pink couch in your living room like I do.
For years I felt guilty that we didn't do that. We had no money for babysitting, Jeff worked 3 jobs for 6 years, slept at the hospital every weekend and if we would have gone out when he was home he never would have seen the kids. (how did you like that little rant!)

Anyway times have changed and we now have the time, older kids and money to go out to dinner. It may surprise most people to know I would rather stay home in my pj's then go out any day of the week. But I had seen that Mama Mia was in town and I have always wanted to see it! So a few hours before I called and got $35 seats! I love cheap seats that have great views.
Denver has quite the theatre district. It is amazing down there!

As we were walking in there was a red carpet full of cameras and interviews. I guess there was a film festival going on. I looked over my shoulder to see Mondo from Project Runway (not my photo as mine did not turn out this good) it was the day after the finale and I wanted to scream to him "you were robbed!" Mondo lives in Denver and my friend has seen him at the fabric store here.
I really enjoyed Mama Mia as I love the music. Yet, I have to say I wish I would have seen it years ago before the movie. Because I have seen the movie so many times I felt like I was correcting the characters "no this is how you sing that part".
I love seeing musicals and can't wait to surprise the girls this weekend with our tickets we have to Shrek! There are some great shows coming here in 2011 and I will be on speed dial December 5th trying to get great seats to all of them. Les Miserables is coming in August and I can't wait!

I also feel a sense to dress up more now that I am in the Relief Society Presidency at church. I have a bunch of high heels that I wear now (thanks to my good friend in D.C. who told me I wear troll shoes to church and that they do nothing for my big calves, heck she was right!)
So I try to dress more like a grown up when I teach on conduct - I quite like it.
I also have to give the biggest shout out to ichat. It is so great to see Jeff in person when he goes out of town. This was him a few weeks ago talking to the girls and you will never guess what he was saying.
"You want me on that wall, you need me on that wall! - You can't handle the truth!" Seriously does he not look just like Jack Nicholson.

do you use ichat?
do you tell people do go on dates? (if you do - stop it!)
have you seen Mama Mia on stage - did the movie ruin it for you too?


LJ, DC and ML said...

Stop the press. When did you get a new calling, how did I totally miss that?
You sure are looking foxy missy!

michelle said...

What a great calling for you! You look gorgeous!

I'm happy for you that you can go on dates now, take the girls to movies and shows and have so much fun!

Cardalls said...

The date night mandates from others drive me nuts too! We go out maybe once a month and our marriage is just fine thank you very much!

Alisa said...

Totally laughed on the date every week rant. But I still say: you need to date! Even if it is playing a game of yahtzee, drinking hot chocolate on the edge of the bed, while the kids are sleeping on the floor next to you.

You look great all dressed up!

Sharon said...

I don't know what iChat is, and I haven't even seen the movie version of Mama Mia!!! How lame is that!! We never had the $$ to go out on a weekly date night, but now every night is a date night and mostly we stay at home. We take advantage of many opportunities but do not feel pressured..... We like to go out to lunch.

Jill said...

I think it's so funny that you're just now revealing your new long as it been? 2 months? I am hoping to incorporate more Sunday finery in my life over the next year or's time.

Randy and I have never gone on date nights either. We're to the point where the kids are definitely old enough, but I find that I'd still rather stay home most of the time. Maybe we should call our Netflix nights Date Nights instead.

We don't have ichat (or ianything) but that's hilarious to think of Jeff quoting A Few Good Men.

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

I think Denver has been a great move for your family! I am SURE you miss your DC family- but seems like you have adjusted well :o)

Lene said...

Does going to Costco together count as a date? What about if you bring a kidlet or two? If that doesn't count we might as well forget it!

Lauralee said...

I've always believed people when they say you have to go on a date once a week... BUT it totally bugged me too- same reasons, my husband works 2 full time jobs, if we went out the one night he is home, the kids won't ever see him... I get what you are saying... plus he would fall asleep if we went out! :)
you look great- love that green shirt. I LOVE mama mia, grew up listening to that, it was fun to see the movie and figure out how the songs went together, I would love the actual musical!
my sister helped me out last year in the shoe dept. being so tall I never have worn heels ever, until last year when my sister said, I needed the help looking a little "fancier" I try.. but not super great at it!

wende said...

first of all, did you like megamind? i'm kind of dying to see it because i love me some will farrell, but you never know.

second, relief society? you are PERFECT for that job, but i think you are perfect for every church job because you're so dang personable and CUTE and full of fabulous ideas. i need an excuse to wear high heels.

third, MONDO WAS ROBBED. and i would have shouted it. i already ranted about it on twitter. seriously? gretchen? i hated her stuff all season and i felt like we had wasted a ton of time watching when she won. ugh! love love love mondo. so excited that you saw him in person! so fun!

seriously? a date every week? we can afford to do it, but i think making each other a priority and having a date are two totally different things. you could go to dinner and a movie and not talk at all. plus, i'm with you, i would rather stay in and watch a movie snuggled on the couch. i could however, do take out every single weekend. :)

Tasha said...

You look absolutely beautiful Krisit! Denver agrees with you!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Mama Mia but have always wanted to. However, I did see Wicked in that theatre.

Nora from Chicago said...

You look beautiful and very happy!

Don't caught up in "date night" and have it be just another scheduled, obligation in an already over scheduled hectic life!

Do think back to what is was like when you were "courting" and rekindle the emotions of that time and try to see each other as you did then - interesting, enthusiastic, fun, curious, etc.

Every year for our annivesary, we take a class. We have taken basketweaving (yes! don't chuckle), Tai Chi, yoga, Italian lessons, gone to professional cooking school - we have been married 28 years, so a LOT of classes.

We alternate who picks the class and it has to be something that we always wanted to try, one of us does or likes and wants the other to experience, or that we think the other would like to try. That makes you think about your spouse and rekindles what you know about each other and such.

It has taken us places we might not have gone, introduced us to people we might not have met and taught us things about ourself, the other and a subject that we might not have learned.

It shows the children that learning is a life long passion and not just limited to school! That learning is fun.

You are together as a couple, but not really. Meaning you are in the same place, focused on an external element that gives you something to talk about instead of harping at each other about chores and other mundane things.

It is one day a year or as much as you choose it to be - - not an regular obligation like a date night. Find what works for you!

TX Girl said...

I crave date night. Adam and I have been in the same boat all these years too and one of the best decisions we made was to make sure there was time for us. We set up babysitting swaps with other friends to combat the lack of available babysitters and funds. Many nights we go grocery shopping or get a slurpee. Dumb and fairly mundane tasks, but getting a few of those precious minutes always made the nights on call and the long weekends away much more tolerable.