Wednesday, November 03, 2010


My front door says it all! How do I get so behind again on my blog.

We had a 2 week fall break, which was much needed, from school. We did a mad dash tour of the 4 Corners (Colorado, NM, AZ & UT), fly fishing on the San Juan, we tried to see the Grand Canyon (we got fogged out and did not see one thing!) Zions National Park - Amazing! Drove home over the Vail pass in wonderful white snow and with a kid throwing up the whole 10 hours.
We have all been sick since we got back, but that did not stop us from having a fun Halloween, throwing a neighborhood party and passing out jumbo pixie sticks to 400 kids!

The good news is there is not a stitch of Halloween left in my house and my mind is getting on Christmas. We are laying low this week and the kids our home sick. The weather here has been incredible and this weekend we venture out to get ski clothes for the family. Oh I don't know if I am ready for this ski stuff!

I forgot my camera charger so I don't have many photos from the trip, but two of my favorite are of

Grandpy letting the girls pick out flies to fish with that surely will not catch a fish but that they were in their favorite colors, Yellow, Orange and Pink!
I thought this was quite nice of him to buy them and tell them they did a good job even though there was no way they were going to work that day on the river. It meant a lot to them.
And the best part of fly fishing is his new drift boat. The girls were in heaven! It was a wonderful relaxing day.


michelle said...

Isn't Zions great? We went there a couple of years ago and I really want to go back and see more of it.

Vail Pass can be scary at times. I hate traveling with a child who is throwing up.

Sounds like a great trip other than that.

You got a LOT of trick or treaters!

Jill said...

Wow 2 weeks for Fall break, that sounds incredible. The 10 hours of driving with a vomiting child doesn't though. I've been that kid, and remember well puking my guts out on the trip from Utah to California when I was 11...not pretty.

How fun for your kids to get to go fishing with your dad! Whitney really wants to go fishing but we don't have any supplies, license or a clue really.

Mindy said...

2 weeks!?! wow! I am sorry you have all been fighting the flu--vacationing and puking are never a good combination. Fishing with your dad will be something your girls will always remember! priceless! thanks for the tips the other day! I'll let you know when I tackle the project!

The Trammell's said...

What a great memory!

Juli said...

Your dad is the fly fishing guru. He was so friendly to us when we lived in Farmington. I'm "home sick" too, but I don't think it's the same kind of "home, sick" as your girls.