Tuesday, January 18, 2011

As Paul Harvey would say, "Here is the rest of the story..."

Poor Jeff had to get up at 5:30 Saturday morning to go to his training. I was so thrilled he took of photo for me of the set up of where he was.

He trained 25 doctors from around the country to do a new procedure. They all sat above in the circle while he was down below teaching all day. (kind of feels a little Grey's Anatomy don't you think?)
It is so funny because this would be my dream, to have a skill that I could teach to people in such a setting. That they would come in from all over just to see me do it. This opportunity for Jeff fell in his lap a few years ago and he is happy for it, but does not crave it like I would. Sometimes it is funny how different we are.
So while Jeff was cutting, snipping and sewing I decided to take a walk on the strip with no one on it (this is my attempt at finding the runner in me again)
I really wanted to find the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign to take a picture of me in front of it. I knew it was on one end of the 4.25 mile strip. I was pretty much in the middle so I figured I will just head out my door and go to one end and then if that is not it, I will go the other way and then getting back to the hotel will be about a 6 mile walk.

Boy, I tell ya this is a must if you are in Vegas. Get up early and go for a walk. 2 reasons. 1. the great weather and 2. no boobs and butts. It was so quiet. Only runners on the sidewalks. (not like the night before where you are like cows in a herd inching across the sidewalk)
I didn't bring my camera with me, I just used my phone the entire time, but I wish I had it that morning to get some better photos. It was a visual party going on seeing the sun reflect on the buildings and all the colors and such.
so I made it down to one end and figured I was not close to the sign. I texted my friend in Maryland, who grew up in Las Vegas and sent her a photo of where I was and she said, "you are on the wrong end" (how is that for technology)
I was a little bummed as I had taken so many detours that I was already 1.5 hours into my journey and knew I still had 4 miles to back track.

I then looked up and saw this sign! What a Monorail? I went into the casino looking for the Monorail stop and it took me seriously 20 minutes to find it. Jeff always says Casino's always have 100 ways to get in but only one way to get out. True that!

This turned out to be a good choice for me as I was able to see the entire strip from the train. I got off on the other end but at that point was just hungry and gave up on going to look for the sign.
I got off at the MGM grand and saw my first wedding chapel inside the hotel lobby.

Since I tend to judge products and resturants by their advertising and packaging, this Sandwich shop seemed like the perfect spot to eat.(cute name and colors) It was now 11:00 and I had not eaten anything yet. (me hungry!)
It was a bacon, egg and blue cheese sandwich and I loved it!

I then finally found my way out of the MGM and snapped a reflection in the mirror of me with slots on one side and Wolf Gang Puck's restaurant on the other.

I still felt like I never knew if I was going north or south and got constantly turned around each time I went in and out of each hotel.
I was able to get my New York fix with seeing the Statue of Liberty (with roller coasters in the back)
and took a walk across a mini Brooklyn Bridge
The weather was incredible. I had left behind 2 feet of snow in Colorado and enjoyed cruising around in shorts all morning!
One of the hotels ( don't remember which one, it is all a blur) had this cool store frontlined with old fashioned sewing machines. It was really cool!
I also saw the real Woody, Jack Sparrow, Luke Skywalker, Superman and a bunch of people who were silver walking the streets.
My dream was to get tickets to Donny and Marie for Saturday night but was really sad to find out they took the weekend off! I guess everyone needs a little R&R. But really did you have to do it the one weekend I was there!!
Being at Harrah's got me excited to celebrate Mardi Gras this year and I have never seen beads so big, even in New Orleans.
The was a place in the Forum that was selling warm shots of chocolate. People were buying them up like crazy! I think they were $8.00 . I waited in line to buy one because I always love trying something new, but then got out of line when I imagined by self giving my mouth a shot of chocolate with a syringe. I figure if I am eating anything that is too embarrassing to eat in public then I should not be eating it.
strolling through a Swatch store always makes me happy. Memories of my childhood. Jeff got me a swatch watch for Christmas and it makes me happy every time I look at it.

I then finally got back to the hotel at 1:00. Not really planning on taking a 4 hour walk but I get so easily distracted. On may way up to my room I stopped off to get some Chineese food and went back to our lovely step down lounge in our room. I used the remote to shut the blinds (just like in the movie the Holiday) and make it feel like midnight. I wrapped myself up in the down comforter I took off the bed and I ate chineese food and watched a movie. It was pure bliss. I got up and spent a good hour in the biggest Sephora I have ever seen. I left with 10 different scents on my body and both my hands were covered with eye shadow, lip stick and blush samples. I also left with some products by Fresh. I bought Annie Kate this scent called Strawberry Flowers. It is the perfect pre-teen scent!
Jeff finished his long day and we met back up at the hotel. On my way back up I stopped at the Concierge and got some tickets to a show for that night. (I was still in awe that I was doing this 2 hours before a show started) I could have bought tickets to Cher or Barry Manilow, but didn't want to have to take out a second mortgage on my house.
We grabbed some dinner and then went to
Love - by Cirque du Soleil featuring the songs from the

I want to say that I loved it! But I can't. I was a tad underwhelmed. I guess if I really loved the Beatles and I was on LSD then I might have loved it. It was a little "out there" for me.
I was still coming off of my Jersery Boys high and would rather see a Broadway show with dancing AND singing. Am I becoming a show snob?
All the while I give credit to the most flexible people on the planet- you were amazing, but just not my favorite show.
I did get a message from a blogger that said she thought she saw me in the bathroom at the Mirage after the show - yep. That was me. Why didn't you say anything! I would have given you a huge hug!
We stepped outside and Jeff said, see I took you to Paris and Italy! What a guy!

The next morning we stayed in our room until the very last minute and even tried to check out late with no luck. We watched the Bears and Seattle play football and I wish we could have stayed there all day until our flight.
We went to the Wynn for Sunday Brunch and waited in line for about 45 min. We were starving.

I always get eggs Benedict and oatmeal at any buffet I go to so I wonder why we don't just go to a restaurant and order that. I guess it is fun to go to a buffet because you think that you can just eat as much as you want. This cupcake while delightfully darling was GROSS! yet it did inspire me to buy some of that food glitter to use at home. It makes anything look great.

We then had a little too much time to kill before our flight so we walked around and then waited out side Caesars for an hour to get a seat outside at Serendipity 3. I guess if you go to Las Vegas and don't gamble you eat!We sat and watched all the different people walking around and talked about what we want to do before we are 50.

So my summary of why I loved going to Vegas is this!
  1. An hour and half flight
  2. cheap flights
  3. airport is close to the strip, no need for a car
  4. the weather
  5. great places to eat on every corner
  6. no planning needed before you go (that is my kind of vacation - never over plan)
  7. Great shows on every corner
  8. Wonderful accommodations for not that much money
  9. Fun and EXPENSIVE window shopping (who is buying all that stuff - yowza)
  10. Being there makes you feel like you are doing a pretty good job with your life and you crave just being back with your family and kids!

Would you say hi to a blogger you have never met in a bathroom of a casino?
Have you seen Love? Am I being too harsh?
What do you always get at a buffet?
Have you heard of that line of make-up called Fresh?
Do you still have a Swatch Watch or wish you did?
Would you have gotten on the Monorail too?
Thoughts on a chocolate syringe?


Holly said...

Oh how I loved this! I've never been to Vegas but you've inspired me to consider it again (we were scheduled to leave for Vegas a day or two after 9/11, so we cancelled--maybe we should've just gone).
I'd like to see the shows, the sights and enjoy the food.

I would have said hello, even in the restroom--not like while in the stall or anything, but after. :)

I've never seen a Cirque show, but Jersey Boys sounds delightful!

I love how you walked the strip and took everything in--that is very YOU and I love that--and got to do it without crowds and boobs (you crack me up!)

So happy for you and Jeff to have had that getaway!!

Holly said...

Oh, and I totally miss my Swatch watches. I didn't realize they were selling them again. I had a really cute plaid one and one that showed the gears. Sigh.

Chocolate in a syringe??? I guess only in Vegas! Your rationale made me giggle.

Julie P said...

Swatch watches! I didn't even know they were still made. What fun memories. And what a great weekend - good for you!

Natasha said...

I have been to Vegas twice for work. While I would never want to go on my own $, it was fun to go on someone else's. None of my coworkers understood why all I wanted to do there was sleep and enjoy a kid-less meal! We saw Phantom of the Opera and Cher the last time we went. We got steals on the tickets, buying last minute. Vegas made me miss my kids both times because it's not a kid friendly kind of place. We stayed at Caesar's Palace both times (where Serendipity is, frozen hot chocolate YUM) and enjoyed window shopping and the pools.

linda said...

My daughter and I saw Love last April and really enjoyed it, but you're right, it was a little out there. I'd love to see the new Elvis one that I think is out now too.

My sister saw Donny and Marie and said hands down, it was the BEST show she has ever seen. I wanted to see them so badly but they were off due to the death of her son that had just happened.

If I saw a blogger in the bathroom I would most definitely say hello...and give her a big hug!

sista # 2 said...

Pure awesome-ness!It impresses me that you walked the strip for so long,alone!I like that, but may have been tempted to stay in that beautiful room & order room service;)p.s.stop by & see my latest faves!

Carrie said...

I am SOOOO glad you are back to blogging! I love this post! I love all of the photos you took and feeling like I was right there in Vegas with you. I love how you took the morning by yourself to go out and explore. Yes, I would take the monorail too and pass on the chocolate shot. Your buffet breakfast looks so yummy - especially that grapefruit. I am craving grapefruit now!

I never had a swatch watch as kid, I think maybe they were just a little before my time or maybe I was just not cool enough. But Charlie bought me one a few years ago and he told me they were the coolest thing in the 80's and that Kristi Buchanan - the ultimate 80's girl - wore them! :)

heathercook said...

kristi- so happy to see you having fun in vegas...we went two summers ago for our first get away on a plane without kids, definitely not a kid place-could only take so much of the clicky card ladies! but loved the restaurants, hotels, and le reve the show at the wynn! still have my pink swatch watch you gave me when emma was born, hard to believe she will be eight--but it is still ticking! love you and miss you!!!!!

love, heather

Jill said...

That's too crazy that you were spotted by a blogger in a bathroom in Vegas but she didn't say anything!

I like how you went out exploring on your walk and ended up having a 4 hour adventure.

This seems like a great weekend. You're so right about Vegas making you feel pretty good about your life and your family.

kelly said...

so cool that you went to 'wichcraft. its own by tom colicchio who is the judge on Top chef!!

michelle said...

Of course you were spotted by a blogger! I bet you can't go anywhere without that happening.

I'm cracking up that you were dying to see Donny & Marie.

I enjoy monorails. I love Sephora, and good food, and alone time. It all sounds great!

Price Cream Parlor said...

I miss wearing two swatch watches at a time. Perhaps it is time for a comeback! I had a huge swatch watch on my wall in college. Ah, love that!

Sounds like a great weekend! I love that you ventured out alone and did so much!

All your yummy food makes me hungry right now!

I would have said Hi to you in the bathroom! Anyone that notices YOU - should say hello! You are always so gracious and excited about that..

That is quite the set up for the teaching seminar. WOW!

The monkey bunch said...

I'm totally up for a shot of warm chocolate! I love warming anything, but especially chocolate. Melt Hershey's kisses in the microwave just enough so you can still pick them up- Yummmmm!

Tasha said...

Didn't you LOVE Jersey Boys? My friend is a sub guitarist for them and we went over Thanksgiving. I was pleasantly surprised.

jill said...

That was a lot of fun to read and see! I'm glad you had such a fun time, it cracked me up to see you down near the Stratosphere when you should have been headed toward the other end of the strip, I admire your perseverence! I guess everyone has to see the Welcome to Vegas sign at least once. I remember driving down the strip early in the morning, it definitely had a different feel, a much better less creepy feel.

I'm glad that you and Jeff got away...Rob and I spent our honeymoon at The Venetian, it's definitely my favorite hotel! xoxox

Laura said...

What a fun weekend! You made me want to visit Vegas with my hubby, and I usually hate it there. I'll have to remember to do most of my exploring in the early morning hours like you did.
Hanging out in a hotel room with movies and Chinese sounds divine too!
I did see a blogger in a bathroom once and I said hello. She was kind of rude to me, so I probably would never do that again.
Keep posting...I really do enjoy reading your blog! :)

Rachael said...

WOW-I live in Vegas and I think you've seen more than I have in just your 1 weekend here!
We have a friend in LOVE (a 10 year old boy) so that is the only reason I want to go see it but I have heard its not the greatest. Just saw Lion King though at Mandalay Bay. I have never heard of Warm Chocolate shots...weird. I have heard of Fresh and have the Sugar Lemon but not sure I really love it.
I have heard the Wynn Buffet is really good but haven't gone. And I LOVE Serendipity! Its good to go for a GNO and get a bunch of desserts and split them all! YUM!!!!
(I would have said hi to you if I had seen you!)

michelle said...

p.s. I am with you on the chocolate syringe - for the same reason!

Cardalls said...

I live in Vegas! However I avoid the strip like the plague because of all the nastiness down there! Doing it in the morning sounds like the perfect option :)

My friends son is one of the young Beatles in the show you saw :)

Didn't even know they still made swatch watches...i know what i want for valentines day!

Juli said...

I want a swatch! And the syringe looks gross. I think it sounds awesome to run down the strip in the early morning.