Monday, January 17, 2011

What happens in Vegas - Stays in Vegas
(unless you have a blog and you don't feel guilty for anything you did and then you are happy to share)

Ok, so before I go any further I must make sure I clear something up, I was not surprised we were going to Vegas, we had planned it a few weeks before. (sorry if I misled) Jeff (yet still a superstar!) had a training meeting in Vegas for the weekend and extended the trip so we could have some time together.
So after arriving late in the afternoon we had a few hours before he had to go to a night meeting.

We went to Mario Batali's restaurant at the Venician. It was AMAZING, super expensive in my book, but amazing. I had these cheese ravioli's in a brown butter. I have no idea what brown butter means, almost burned? But I am going to figure it out, because they were yummy and had pistachio's in them.
Jeff felt bad he had to leave me all alone so we went to the lobby to what show was playing in our hotel. The Jersey Boys was there and starting in 30 minutes. I was pretty sure that we could not get tickets as I have waited 4 hours in line to get tickets in NY the day of a show.Luck was on my side. They had plenty of tickets (blame the economy). I am super cheap when it comes to buying tickets to a show. I like to get the cheapest ticket thinking that I am seeing the same thing as the person down front paying three times as much. (that is the Goodwill girl in me)
So Jeff bought me the $76.00 tickets in the back row. We said our goodbyes and I climbed the three flights of stairs to get to the nosebleeds to find my seat.
I walked in and there was a young kid seating everyone. I showed him my tickets and he said "Are you alone, just one ticket?" I said yes and his eyes said, "oh you poor lady!" He pulled me aside asked for my ticket and then wrote a new seat number on the back of my ticket. He said "I just gave you a new seat" I of course hugged his guts and told him it was my 40th Birthday and Thank you!

I then proceeded to my seat and discovered I was now sitting in those seats that were 3 times as much and on the 4th row center! I was in Broadway heaven.
I am the type of gal who like to go to the movies by herself so this was kind of dreamy. Everyone was all fancied up down there, glitter, sequences and tuxes. I was in my nose bleed attire, jeans yet I did have on my new scarf from Michelle so I was a little hip.
I had no idea who Frankie Valli was before I sat down. I knew this show had won a Tony for best Musical so I had high hopes. Oh my was I blown away. I fell in love with the music the history of their story and the fact I had no idea how it was going to turn out made it even better. Was Frankie Valli still alive? What happened to their group? I was hanging on every minute. My incredible seats made it even better. (yet I will still go for cheap seats)

I am adding the video of the montage of the Broadway show with the original cast in NY, just to give you a taste. If you ever have a chance to see it take the plunge you won't regret it.

After the show I hung out where I thought the actors may leave to go home. I saw the guy who played Franki Valli and then my favorite guy of the whole night came out. His name was Andrew Frace and guess what I did? you betcha - I attacked him. Well, in my way of attacking someone.
He was truly the star of the show and played Bob Gaudio. He was nice to indulge me and tell me his life story. I look forward to watching his career. He was amazing. (and yes I sent him an email to send to his Mom who is too afraid to fly and has not yet seen him in the show)

I am one who really never minds having some alone time so I enjoyed getting some Italian Gelato in my fake Italy and taking it up to my room to crash on the step down living room in our room and watch one of the three tv's.
This was a photo I took that night looking at my reflection out my room window which had a great view.

So far it was a great start to my weekend getaway!
Have you seen Jersey Boys? I would love to know your thoughts

**Rabbit photo on top was in one of the hotels as this year is the year of the Rabbit!


JENNIFRO said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You wear 40 WELL!! So how bout Vegas?! Isn't if fun?! Nick and I have gone the past three years for a long weekend and have a great time! I will definitely make sure Jersey Boys is what we see this February when we go. I'm so glad you had such a fun time... I'll have to tell you Nick's funny Vegas gelato cheapskate story sometime--you'll appreciate it--you two are bargain hunters all the way. Great post. Fun to see what you've been up to. xoxo

Jill said...

That's so awesome that the guy switched your seat! I enjoy going to movies and shows alone too so that would have been a great night for me too.

I haven't seen that musical before, but watching the clip made me want to see it. I love all those songs!

I love it that you met the star afterward and sent him with an email for his mother...classic Kristi!

michelle said...

Whoa, you made Jill want to see a musical!! Miracles do exist.

I love going to shows and movies and would have no problem doing it alone. In fact, alone time is one of my favorite things in life. Sounds like a good start to your trip!

p.s. I would love to go to one of Mario Batali's restaurants...

Allison said...

Oh, brown butter is amazing and Martha Stewart has a brown butter icing recipe she uses on her pumpkin cookies. They ARE to die for. Note: don't make her recipe for the cookies, way to much work for a similar cookie to the cake mix kind.

L and T said...

You don't know me, I am Elisa's friend, I swear I saw you after BEATLES Love, in the ladies room at the Mirage. Am I crazy? Happy 40th

Lisa B. said...

I LOve unplanned great surprises!

Kelly(M&M) said...

What a fantastic story! Happy 40th to a girl who has truly lived each moment of those 40 years. I aspire to be more like you. And some day I want to meet you! (And Jill!) Maybe I will crash the Women's Conference meetup one of these years. :-)

The Sullivans said...

Brown butter is easy to make. It just takes time and you have to strain it in teh end. It lasts forever in the refrigerator. It is great on pasta with a little mizithra cheese. Jerry

Dina C said...

Happy 40th! We saw Jersey Boys when it came Denver. I LOVED it!!

Nora from Chicago said...

I heard a great, collective sigh of relief from all of the husbands that are out there, when you owned up to knowing about the trip in advance - - especially with Valentine's Day rapidly approaching!

Holly said...

I love going to shows or movies alone too--it's like you can really escape by yourself into the scenes.

What a treat to get that upgrade! WooHoo!

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

Happy Birthday again!! What a fun (and lucky) way to spend your 40th birthday!!

Yes, I have seen Jersey Boys and it was as awesome as you said.. the music was amazing! I have the soundtrack on cd and it has been in my cd player in my truck since last February (when I saw it!)

Amazing show!!

Kim Sue said...

What a way to kick off your 40th celebration! Saw Jersey Boys last February with Kacey (actually gave her the ticket for Christmas) and LOVED it! Hope it comes back our way next season. Think I might have to check it out again. Mmmm Gelato. now that is a way to end a fabulous evening!

Ashley said...

I just love you for emailing that boy's mom!

Tasha said...

Your SP is darling! We saw Jersey Boys over Thanksgiving and loved it!