Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vail Vonderland day 2

Jeff's meeting began early while us girls got to sleep in until almost 9:00!
We had a little breakfast and then went to the chair lift and said our last name and then we were holding our skiis and poles. Really this is the life! My kids are not going to know what to do for the rest of the season when they have to do these tasks all by them self. The kids at the top of the mountain after lunch at 2 Elks lodge

Jill asked me if I am liking skiing. The answer would be yes, with a twist. I enjoy the skiing part because this is the first year I don't think I am going to die doing it.
But....I can't ever imagine not feeling totally exhausted by putting on the gear. It is all so uncomfortable, heavy and bulky. I am constantly amazed when we are skiing how many people are doing it as well as how many people over 60 ski. It is quite motivating to see so many people skiing with senior discounts.
Jeff told me I would see a lot of fur at Vail. I so far have seen 1 man with a full length fur coat, 2 women and lots and lots of those fur head wraps. (it kind of makes me want one) So it seemed appropriate to zip on my fur hood to my fabulous pink jacket that Jeff gave me for Christmas (I am so not worthy of this great coat).
Even though I don't use the hood because I wear a helmet I thought it would make feel so "She-She".
Well so much for me being she she. When I looked at this photo Jeff took at the end of the day, I realized that I zipped it on backwards and inside out.
Oh my, I have so far to go to be a she she Vail girl. Oh well, I like the disheveled me much better.

We have a Flat Stanley visiting us right now ( from Arizona) and he came skiing with us all day, pinned on Caroline's back. Oh my this was the cutest thing ever. Fun to see everyone in line say, "Hey Flat Stanley!"
He will be going home next week to see his friend Luke and we will be sad to see him go.

The kids (and mom) are getting so much better. Caroline rarely stays on the run and is always in the trees somewhere. If we don't see her come out after a few minutes then Jeff will go in there and find her face planted in the snow. She is tough!
Annie Kate probably had her best day today and is still trying to get out of the snowplow. Sally Jane followed her down the last run of the day inch by inch and it made Annie Kate feel so proud. (Sally Jane is probably a better skier because she has NO fear, so Annie Kate felt like the true big sister today)The trees on top look like they have been frosted with white icing. It is so beautiful up here and I am grateful for the people who invented skiing, because I can't imagine what else I would do to be outside in 20 degree weather enjoy God's beautiful creations.

Vail Village is AMAZING. I may never want to go anywhere else. It feels like Germany or Switzerland.
I was thrilled to be in a photo today and Jeff even got video of me skiing.
I am usually the one taking photos the whole time.

Jeff had his afternoon meetings and so I took the girls ice skating in the village. Flat Stanley even got into the fun. Man that guy is a pro at anything he tries.
(note his ski board Jibbit from the Croc store, because Crocs were invented in Colorado. Hey it's not the White House, but it is something)
Annie Kate was loving the grandma walkers on the ice rink to help the ice skating fun.
and I just have to end with this last photo of Jeff.
The Happiest man on the planet skiing with his girls.
A few weeks ago he was skiing with the girls and a dad, with his comparable ski level (amazing) was skiing with his kids and he looked over at Jeff and said,
"isn't this the best feeling in the world, skiing with your kids?"
Jeff, the adventure skier, has really come to realize skiing greens and blues all day with your "littles" (as Lisa would say) is the best feeling in the world.
I can't imagine how he will feel when they are on the Black Diamonds.

Goodbye and Goodnight from Vail Village.

Oh ya, forgot to mention the hot tub 3 feet from our room along with coming home from dinner with turn down bed service and chocolates on the pillows! Yowza!


Kim Sue said...

I wish I had grown up doing it so that I could say that i love it, but i didn't. I've only been once and hated it but I was really bad at it and the place we were didn't have any gentle sloping areas. I loved the scenery and I loved the fireplace inside the lodge :o)

Liz said...

Wow! What a fun trip...even moreso, since you got to go with Jeff this time!

Deidra said...

I don't think my father-in-law could ever foresee a day he'd rather be on the bunny hill than the black diamonds, but to see him ski with grandkids you'd think he's died and gone to skiing heaven!

patsy said...

I LOVE to see these posts!!
You are such an adventurous gal :)

How fun

LJ, DC and ML said...

What a great trip! Who doesn't love Flat Stanley?

Tami said...

You seriously make me want to get my kids into it!!!! Now if I can just convince Scott!!!!

Price Cream Parlor said...

OH MY! This is a life that I could easily get use to!! I love how Caroline was bent over on the video "bombing" down the hill. Super cute! Great idea to take Flat Stanley!!
What a great comment from that man about his "littles".. it is true - my husband feels the same way when snowboarding with our littles. Now, if I could just be as good as my 7 year old on the mtn - "I" would be one happy Momma!

Enjoy this time! What a great memory for the girls!

Sharon said...

What great memories -- and what an awesome place.

Jill said...

This trip looks like so much fun! I love it that Flat Stanley skied with Caroline all day, that's very cool. It cracks me up that you zipped your hood on inside out and backwards! You ARE worthy of such a coat though.