Friday, February 11, 2011

Vail Vonderland Vacation day 3

This morning the girls and I went to the breakfast buffet set out for Jeff's conference in the hotel. Since it is a ENT conference put on by Vanderbilt we had a mini reunion with Jeff's fellow former residents and mentors. That was so fun for me (and the free amazing breakfast was pretty great too)
We got dressed and walked to the slopes all while saying goodbye to the heated pool and hot tubs knowing our aching bodies would need there help at the end of the day. We all opted to do a little exploring and go to the very back of the mountain and find some new terrain. We saw 8 grooming trucks groom the runs and Jeff said, "Yea courdoury!" Who knew my fabric world could collide with skiing. I don't really like skiing on the snow like this but it sure does look beautiful!

The day was beautiful. Sun and blue, blue skies. We stuck with the blue theme and skied blue runs all day.I am always amazed when we come in for lunch and there are people there handing out Kleenex to wipe our runny noses.

I loved this sign in the women's bathroom. I wonder if they have this in the Men's bathroom too. I am barely overcoming my fear of getting on and off the lift. One guy on our chair today got stuck and wrapped back around becuase his backpack got stuck. Today I rode with someone from Minnesota, Chicago (Nora she didn't know you), Columbus Ohio (yes Stacy he was a buckeye like you) New York, East Vail and a cute red headed snowboarding grandma from North Carolina. (she was in all pink)
I guess this is where skiing and me are meant to be. I love talking to people on the lifts and getting their 2.5 minute life story.

Here is a video of Sally Jane practicing her booty shake. I could barely keep up with her while filming.
The backside of the mountain had so much snow. Look at this roof line.

We have learned the importance of stopping for little breaks. Out of no where there was a hot dog house. We stopped, took of our gloves and had a snack.
Jeff is warming up to me taking tons of video and photos with my iphone. He even took this one without me asking!
look at that view. that is the backside of vail and we are standing the back of the backside. this place is huge!!We came back to the lodge and hot some much needed hot tub time and then walked the amazing streets of Vail Village. It is like we drove 3 hours to Switzerland. I figured out my fur and acted like I was all that even though I am totally not!

they had these cool polar bear ice sculptures all over the village. we opted to not get dessert at dinner and glad we didn't because the girls loved sucking on the gigantic icecles everywhere. Annie Kate and I went to the laundry room and got our laundry out of the dryer (which the manager offered to do for me at no charge - I just can't be that indulged in one trip) because we have one more day of skiing tomorrow and we needed clean socks!
Oh help my poor out of shape body!

favorite photo of the day. Coming back from the lift at the end of the day, Jeff and Annie Kate. And this is why we ski!


Jill said...

I'm feeling rather envious of your iphone video technology! I love it that you can have that on you to snap photos and video so easily. I am seriously impressed with Sally Jane's skiing; she was flying!

I'm wondering how you keep an eye on everyone while skiing? It seems like it would be very easy to get separated from each other.

Nora from Chicago said...

The Chicago ski lift lady must not get to the post office - my 8 x 10 glossy is proudly posted with the other 9!

Love, love, love these family posts!

Nora from Chicago said...

Sally Jane,
You rock!!!!!!

heathercook said...

what amazing family will have high standards to meet after this luxury vacation! You look so happy, and Sally Jane is a little spark on the slopes. Glad you could all be together this deserve it. Love, Heather

Sharon said...

What a great week. Brings back a lot of memories -- even though we did not have such wonderful amenities. Our hot tub was the huge bathtub in the master bath. We had fun, though, and I even look back on those times with great fondness even though skiing was difficult for me...........

Barb said...

The village reminds me of Whistler, BC. What a place for a conference!

Julie said...

Family ski trips are DA BOMB DIGGITY! So glad you guys have had so much fun at Vail :)

Price Cream Parlor said...

I sense a Christmas card in the making! These are amazing shots and fantastic memories being made! What a fantastic experience for all!
..."out of no where was a hot dog place?!" on the mtn? that is so funny to me!
Be safe!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sally Jane is doing fantastic!!!! Your hood troubles busted me up. What a fun family trip---you are all living your dream!!! :)

wende said...

i'm thinking that those people who end up next to you on the ski lifts are the luckiest people on the planet for the next 2.5 minutes. you're the cutest. and your fur IS too all that! :)

Christine said...

Hey I've never skiied and I don't know if I'll ever get to Vail but I feel like I've already been now thanks to your posts ;)

Thanks for sharing. So glad your family is having a great time!

michelle said...

This looks like a perfect vacation for you all! Vail and Breckenridge were where I first tried skiing and they spoiled me. When I went on the East Coast I did not like it at all!

Vail Village is a place with many fond memories for me.

(btw, I am nervous about getting on and off the list, too, and I love the image of you chatting up new friends on the way up!)