Friday, May 20, 2011

my kitchen corner

After a million times of changing the picture over my desk and recovering my chair, I think I may finally my kitchen desk all set.
  • Great outdoor fabric with a pineapple on my $10.00 Goodwill chair - which was already painted, score!
  • Vera Bradely desk calendar!  Ok I have so loved this, this year and think it may be the best Christmas teacher gift ever. 
  • Tuesday morning fake flower in white urn.  Never have to water and has not died yet.
  • Home Goods framed print
  • yarn spool with scissors on top - I bought this at a specialty store in town and love the concept of always having string to tie and scissors to cut.
  • perfect little clock my mom gave me forever ago from Brighton that finally has the perfect home.
  • pad of monogrammed paper that I can always whip out to right on at a moments notice.
  • TJMaxx pink and green boxes to hold the ugly cookbooks down below.
See it only takes a year to get settled in.
(chances are good will look totally different in 6 months)


Jill said...

I love it that I have been to your house and sat in that chair (though it was blue striped fabric then)!

I love seeing the fun things you do in your cute house, keep the photos coming please. Also, did your pink tulips ever bloom?

michelle said...

Having a space come together like that is such a happy feeling! I love the pineapple fabric.

I gave my mother-in-law a fake ranunculus in a little green jar with fake water for mother's day and she has thanked me several times - she loves having a pretty flower that won't die!

patsy said...

Gorgeous! I love it-
YES- keep the pictures coming!!

Where did you and/or michelle find these fake flower & water beauty's?

Christine said...

I'm impressed. My kitchen desk is very cluttery looking :( of course it's also a homework station, bill paying center and more. There are always stacks of "to dos" Yours looks very lovely! Great job.

Liz said...

I'm loving your corner desk. We have on too, but it is not nearly as cute as yours. Mine is pretty messy actually!

Unknown said...

I love it! What a pretty place to sit and pay those ugly bills (wink)

lisa h. said...

That is crazy about your husband, i hope the calling is great and not too stressful. did you get the tp of your blog, the banner part, the have links to my marathon video etc?

Lisa in ohio

Tasha said...

IT looks GREAT!