Tuesday, May 24, 2011

 I Spy a Pineapple

On Sunday Jeff had all of the youth from our church congregation over cookies and a little get to know you game, followed up with some motivational thoughts.
(in the Mormon church we call this a fireside - yet no fire was seen by any)I counted 55 youth and about 15 grown ups

The next morning our neighbor said to us, "Wow that was the biggest and quietest party I have ever seen.  Everyone there was as quiet as a church mouse".  Funny huh?

One the grown-ups heard one of the teenage boys say to another boy, "boy they sure have a lot of pine cones in this house.  I wonder why"

This of course made me laugh and was sure he was talking about the pineapples. 

 Today I got my new rug for my front door and thought about what he will say next time.  "Sheesh enough already!"
I decided to just go on the main part of our house to see what he must have seen that made him think I had so many.  I didn't think it was noticeable.  (keep in mind I didn't go outside in the garden area or upstairs, this is scary)
 little cast iron one outside the front door
 large one when you walk in
 my lamp (gifted to us by Jeff's brother - LOVE IT!)
 my white painted artichokes in iron urn (from goodwill of course!)
 Silver platter given as a gift from a stylish friend in Tennessee
 wonderful TJMaxx vase
 Bath and Body works 2011 Pineapple edition candle
 great 40th birthday gift from a neighbor that she purchased from Goodwill and holds our lemon drops that the kids get each night we read our scriptures
 wonderful matching iron and painted urns from a Tennessee garage sale that I kind of stole out of my friend Mark's hands.  (hope it makes him feel better that I still love them)
 Bath and Body 2009 Pineapple Candle edition (yep every year they come out with one)
 2010 Bath and Body works Pineapple. 
 I usually buy a fresh pineapple once a week to either give away or eat
 little artichoke shaped candle _ first purchase at Tai Pan in St. George Utah

 Jim Shore Pineapple from my friend Mindy

So as they walk out of my house next month they will have one more pineapple to count. Yikes they must think we are crazy!


Jill said...

Wow, that's a lot of people! I'm impressed you were able to accommodate them so well, you're house is awesome!

Perhaps you're going to have to teach them about pineapples and what they mean. It's funny to think they were so confused and thought they were pine cones.

Kelly said...

I am just loving all the little details that make your house a home, and think it's so cute that one of the YM noticed! And I love how you've been able to incorporate so many pineapples without making it feel like Miami! ;) Your home looks so beautiful and peaceful!

Janice said...

I am super jealous of that lamp! Honestly, where did it come from! I adore it.

Liz said...

I love that you have so many pineapples! It is a little peek into your heart, I think. Your home is so lovely! I need to get crackin' on mine!

michelle said...

I think you should enlighten them about the pineapples - or maybe they will just feel that hospitality in the way your home is open to all.

How on earth did you have enough chairs?? I always wonder that when I go to a bishop's fireside.

Anonymous said...

from one pineapple lover to another......I love them all!!!!!! I need you to come and help me decorate with all my pineapples! your place looks amazing, but that's always been one of your many talents!!!

Tasha said...

I don't have that many pineapples, but Dave still doesn't understand my fascination with them!

brooke said...

Don't forget the fabric on the chair in your last post! I love your house and decorating.

Juli said...

I remember the pineapple thing from the plantations near New Orleans. Aren't they a symbol of welcome to guests? What a great thing to collect!