Thursday, February 23, 2006

I knew that once I started blogging about food it would consume me. I am a candy freak! I have given most of it up and now just love to admire the new latest and greatest without having to try. But Easter candy is a true weekness. Seeing the Cadbury eggs in store screaming at me to buy them today at the store was more than I could handle, Easter is a month away. My brother Bevan and I both have a serious addiction to them. One year after Easter Sam's had them for $2.00 for 48 eggs. I think I sent him 150 eggs in the mail.
On Easter morning after the hunt Heather (my older sister) and I would see how many Cadbury eggs we got. I can still remember the first year they came out. (shows how old i am) You could get them 5 for $1.00, they are now $.59 - $.75. (how embarassing I am sharing that I know this) We usally got two eggs each in our baskets. I used to steal my younger brothers eggs all the time. (sorry guys) But when we would eat them it would take heather and i about 20 minutes. just savoring each last bit.
I am sure my love for these will gross out the same people who don't eat the yummy pink snowballs. But I love them!


Jill said...

I can have one of those a year and then I'm satisfied till the next year. They're good, but oh so sweet.

Tasha said...

Won't eat a snowball, but as I type, I am unwrapping the caburry egg I got today to save until after work. Its like how regular people go to the bar for a drink after work, I go to the "candy-bar" oh that was bad!