Thursday, February 23, 2006

Last night we had our first sewing lesson for the patchwork bag i posted a week ago. It was really fun. We have 25 women doing it. It was fun seeing everyone's different fabrics. I was a little freaked out trying to type up the instructions. I know how to do it, i know how to tell someone to do it, but writing it down on paper was actually a little more difficult.
One of the gals typed up this awesome quote that is from a friendship quilt from the 1800's and brought some plastic so we can sew it in the inside of our bag. I love the quote so much thought i would share.
Accept my friend this little pledge
Your love and friendship to engage
If e're we should be called to part
Let this be settled in your heart
That when this little piece you see
You ever will remember me.

*M.E.A., Woodstock, 1847

We will have a dinner in a few weeks when everyone is done with their bag to talk about the different squares and share the Minerva Teichert print and story that my mother in law gave me. I am excited.
The above bag is the new patchwork bag from Coach. Is it not awesome! too pricey for my blood but true eye candy for me!


Jill said...

That's cool you got such a good turn out for your class. I'm interested to see the fabrics and the finished bags everyone comes up with (surely you will document).

Anonymous said...

I love this bag idea, and the quote is perfect.

Mom said...

I love this bag idea, and the quote is perfect.