Thursday, February 09, 2006

This is by far my favorite hair product of all time. Bumble & Bumble thickening spray. My hair is quite straight, ok who are we kidding it is straw! I use it to give it some kind of body. Since I can't find any hairdresser that will give me a perm (oh how I miss the 80's) I spray it on wet and then spray it on again when drying it. It is a little pricey at about $19. a 8oz bottle. But mine lasts about 8 months. (i write in black marker the date I buy things so I can tell how long they last, I do this with my laundry detergent too) And I use a lot of it and I have a ton of hair. The last time I bought it i also bought the thickening creme which is yummy too. I make up for it by buying the cheapest shampoo possible. (costco two huge pump bottles at $5.00)
I highly reccomend it.
*what is your favorite hair product?*


Jill said...

I like Aveda products. I used to be loaded up with them back when Cydni did my hair and got me a discount, and then also before we had kids. Now I'm slumming it with Loreal stuff. My hair doesn't change much so I don't mess with it.

heather cook said...

I am a bumble and bumble girl all the way too! I have used the thickening spray before, but now use the styling spray and the straight. It takes a lot to get my curls straight-but I find this works the best of any of the products. I love their sprays though. Fun! HRC

michelle said...

I have tried so many products it's not even funny. My hair is so unmanageable. I have a drawer full of products I've used to try to get my hair straight. They definitely help, but ultimately it's such a wrestling match (and all for less than satisfactory results) I've given up on that for the time being. I just bought the whole Matrix line for curly hair and was so excited, only to discover that I like the Pantene stuff better! Who knew?