Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Here is a project that we did for enrichment and i did it with Annie Kate's girl scout troop.
I bought the tins at Specialty Bottle
The flat glass stones you can find at any craft store. I found these at the dollar store.
The magnets i found at wal-mart or again at any craft store.
The paper is just from any scrapbook store. But the paper is what makes all the difference. I would buy paper that was made to be put together. Same color scheme but different print.
Glue on a glue that dries Clear! This is important. The trick we did with younger girls is to cut the paper in to 2"x2" squares then glue to the stone, let dry and then cut the paper away from the stone. It gives an exact fit! Glue magnet on the back with a super strong glue. EB6000 hot glue will not work.
I made a label to go on top of the metal can. You could put any cute design on that. I then tied it shut wth cute pink and green ribbon. (i got this idea from Jordan B.)
Here is a link to my craft page to see details. photos
Have fun!


Jill said...

Those are so cute--I love the tin too. I've made some magnets like that before but I have never made them with coordinating papers. I used postage off letters I'd been sent or the postmark. They were cute, not this cute.

collette said...

Thanks for checking out my blog and the kind wishes! Cute magnets! I will be checking in on you often...

Have we met yet? Maybe Jill needs to have a get together since we have all met through this blogfest she created!

michelle said...

Oh so cute. I love those papers! Those are the ones I'm using for the album I'm making about Eva's first year. Anything that comes in a tin is just that much more pleasing!