Saturday, February 11, 2006

For my sewing friends and friends that want to learn how to sew or are just getting started. Run to the store and buy this magazine. I saw it last night at my grocery store or here is a link to buy it. It is a simple resource for everything in sewing. How to buy a machine, read a pattern, interfacing, thread, needles, fabrics, bobbins... it is wonderful. For you experts who know all this buy it anyway, so when you have all your friends wanting to know what kind of machine to buy you can use this as a resource. It has a few projects in there that are simple and surprisingly not that bad (it seems to me sewing magazines have the cheeziest projects) I was really impressed with how simply they made it to read this magazine and actually learn something. If you look at the link you can see the list of projects that they have in this issue. It is worth every penny!

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Jill said...

Yet another thing I need to buy--your blog is getting expensive for me, but I'm interested for sure.