Monday, February 27, 2006

A wHite hoUse!
My day today seems to have a white house theme. Jeff got home from his trip to D.C. last night. He had a great time and said he was the "best in his row". After his conference he spent some time with a realtor and went to the ward we hope to move into.
He brought home the girls some key chains that have a picture of the white house on it. Before he got on the plane he told me to tell annie kate that he was bringing her something home from the white house. She got really excited. Then when i hung up the phone with Jeff she said to me, "I know that what he is bringing me is not really from the white house because everything in there belongs to the government" i was laughing so hard.

Today i am cleaning the house like mad and trying to make my house white. We hopefully put it on the market tomorrow. Jeff will be sleeping at the hosptial tonight, which is a total bummer because inside i am screaming ... I NEED A BREAK! but on the oustide i am happy homemaker wearing a monogrammed apron with a duster in my hand singing, "skip to my lou"

Confessional: I am also trying to stay low on the emotional scale because of the Bachelor tonight. I can't belive that i am admitting that i did watch this season, but i fell into peer pressure and did. ( i promised myself i would not watch again after the whole Matthew disaster) I just get too emotionally involved. But being he is at Vanderbilt, the girl i love is here in Nashville, i caved! So i hope that whatever happens tonight i can pull myself out of bed in the morning!


Jill said...

I wish I could come over to help you clean and get ready to sell your house. There's nothing like having a friend there to make things a little less overwhelming.

As for the D.C. trip, did he find any promising places to live? Did he like the ward?

Tasha said...

Kristi, I totally understand, Dave left again this morning for another long week, Evie is sick, things are a mess...I wish I could come help!

Wastrel said...

Hello. You left a comment on my blog at & I've replied:

"FF & Blogger don't always get along. I've checked your two blogs in Opera, FF and IE as follows:
FF: Appears OK Appears, but sidebar is on the left not the right.
Opera: OK OK
IE: Doesn't appear at all :( OK (but no posts yet, yes?)

I assume you changed some setting on Everything Pink. You could try going into Template when logged into Blogger and selecting 'Clear Edits' and then try changes one at a time until you see what went wrong. As for Soupies, the Minima template is the one I use. I'd try 'Clear Edits' again and republish. If this is no help post on ttps:// for help."

Apologies if this isn't much help.