Saturday, March 25, 2006

6:15 am artist.
She does her best work in the mornings and when I am on the computer. This is what Caroline was doing while i was on the computer this morning typing my post about how much we need to love our kids! She got ahold of a marker (i promise i thought i had thrown them all away) and colored all over herself and our white sheets, white comforter and pillow shams. (yea for bleach)
at 7:45 i threw her and sally jane in the stroller and had annie kate get on her bike to go for our walk (jeff slept at the hospital last night and does not come home until Sunday, if you were wondering where he is, funny how they don't act like this when he is around)
long story short annie kate got lost on the bike ride i thought she was back at home, so i had to get in my car looking the neighborhood for her and knocked on my neighbors door and asked her to watch the kids in the stroller. she took one look at caroline who is covered head to toe in marker and i am sure was ready to call social services.
i found annie kate on the corner half a mile away crying, she had been there i think about 15 minutes. got home changed for karate all by 9:15 am. I was ready for a nap by 10:00am.
I am starting a new gallery in smugug Carolines Creations!


Jill said...

Holy Crap, how are you surviving, not to mention doing all the cute things you do? If all of that happened to me by 9:15am on a Saturday I'd be locking myself in the bathroom with the radio turned out loudly so I could drowned out the noise of the kids calling for me. You're doing much better than I could do. I think that's why I'm going to have to stick to having just 2 kids--I'm afraid I couldn't handle more and would emotionally damage them.

michelle said...

I honestly don't know how you do it, Kristi. I would be a puddle on the floor!