Saturday, March 25, 2006

One of my favorite things.

You know how you have those things besides documents and photos that you would take with you if your house was on fire. Well this is one of my things i would go back and grab.

My sister in law (DCC) had one of these in her home that her mother in law made. I went crazy over it when i saw it and a few weeks later she sent me in the mail. (Jill talk about a good mail day) Her mother in law has a kiln and made each ceramic piece. It is a wood board with magents drilled in, a kraft brown paper decopodged on top and then each peice has a magnet on the back.

I love this thing. Everytime i see it i am so happy. My kids are not allowed to play with it unless i am right with them (the J is the only one we are missing, the gorilla is in the wrong place) which is fun because it makes me play with them.

It would be an easy project to make and you could do one for a holiday, used family photos, oh the ideas are racing through my head. My hands are jealous of the work my mind is doing.

Thanks again Deb for the great gift!


Jill said...

I'm still not sure what it is. Is it a game? It looks cute, but I'm still clueless.

Kristi Brooke said...

Yes, it is a game. you take all the pieces off and then the kids match the item that begins with that letter.
see A. apple, B. Bear, C. Car. etc.
it is so cute

becca said...

I love this!! So cute! My four year old would love it, little pieces and matching seem to keep her busy for hours. Great idea!

Jennifer said...

This is an adorable idea and I just bought a magnetized cork board at Walmart that might make reproducing the idea or variations of it really easy. Check Wally's for the board-I think I paid only about $4.50 for it!

michelle said...

That is darling. By the way, what happened to the cute photo of you? And how in the world did you make those cute borders on your blog??

Amie said...

I miss your cute photo too although I would rather see a cartoon image of myself!