Wednesday, March 15, 2006

take the time!
My friend Jill has the best Sunday posts on her blog. I love reading them. She just posted her sunday notes today. If you have a minute take the time to read them. you won't regret it.
to read click here.
I also stole this photo from her site. She is a great photographer as well as great sunday note taker.

also my thoughts as the day is coming to an end.. why is life so dang hard!
today has been a long day i have got to get a leash!!


Amy said...

I always feel intimidated by Jill's Sunday posts, so I rarely comment. They are great food for thought, though. I just always feel guilty that I have a bad attitude about being banished to the nursery!

Jill said...

It's mighty kind of you to say these nice things about me and my blog. I appreciate it and always love your comments.

michelle said...

I also love Jill's Sunday posts (well, all her posts, really) and after reading them, I usually end up feeling like I am not getting everything out of my church meetings that I should.