Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Yummy drink!

I forgot how much i love this drink until i made it the other day. It is Crystal light ruby red grapefruit. It is yummy! You would even like it even if you don't like grapefruit juice. It is even more yummy with a glass full of the pebble ice (sonic ice) Great summer drink.


Amy said...

A good no guilt drink!?! I remember when I was pregnant with Kaitlin, I had a bunch of Crystal Lite in my pantry. I read in What To Expect When You're Expecting that you shouldn't drink diet drinks when pregnant and promptyle threw them away. At my next appointment I asked my doctor about it (I was having serious Diet Coke withdrawals). He chuckled, told me throw that dook away, and that Diet drinks were perfectly OK. Oh the silly things we do when we don't know any better!

cyndyfairbanks said...

Paige turned me on to this yummy kids call it magic juice 'cuz it disappears!!! A famliy favorite!!!

Jill said...

I think Crystal Light is too expensive and it ends up giving me this weird sense of false fullness, like I'm full but not so it doesn't feel good.

Ever since I gave up Diet Coke it's only water for me or the occasional Fruit Punch when at a restaurant. (I can't believe this is how I've become.)

Amie said...

We love Crystal light....except we buy the Walmart brand that is exactly half the price. I LOVE the Smuckers strawberry lemonade...also as cheap as the store brand.

I love diet drinks. I refuse to drink calories, except milk for strong bones, of course.

michelle said...

This is my favorite drink in the world. Whenever it goes on sale, I stock up. I almost always have a pitcher of it in the fridge, and Ruby Red is my favorite flavor. My mom makes a combo of concentrated Ruby Red mixed with key lime no-cal carbonated water that we call "potion". I love it, but it is cheaper to just make the Crystal Light so I don't make potion very often. btw, she makes it in individual bottles for on-the-go potion.