Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Family Stone.

My friend Amie came up with the brilliant way for disciple and reward system in her home. We have adapted it to fit our family.
Each girl has their own jar, that they earn glass stones during the week. Each stone is worth a different among.
  • blue is worth one stone
  • purple is worth two and is only earned when doing something that causes what we call in this house as "sister power" getting along with or helping out your sister
  • white is worth five stones and very hard to get
  • orange stone is a negative 5 stones. Having those in your jar can put you way back
We have a black bucket that has all different kind of treasures (junk) in it. Mostly from the dollar store, although is there is something in there right now the girls are trying to earn enough for. (I wonder when they will figure out if they both go in on it they could get it.)
On Monday nights after FHE we pull the bucket down and they get to buy something with their stones. Each treasure has a price tag.
We have done this for about a month and it has been life changing for helping AK with the move and helping the girls get a long.
This week AK bought the plastic bubbles. We had a blast! We used every tube to the very end. We had contests of who could blow the biggest bubble. I have to say I have never seen a better spent $.99!
Do you do any kind of marble/stone jar concept with your kids?

I again can not thank Amie enough for her brilliance in this! Jill was also a huge help in helping adapt it to my family.


Jordan said...

Kristi, that is such a great idea. Would it work with my 3-year-old? I LOVE those plastic bubbles, I think I need to make a trip to the dollar store.

Jill said...

I was going to blog about this too because my kids just cashed in yesterday and love this system. It's great. I'm so glad it's working well for you. Amie is a genius for inventing it.

stacys said...

I love that plastic bubble stuff! I remember playing with it as a girl. All the thrill of blowing bubbles but you get to hold them. Great idea on the reward system for the kids. Will have to get myself organized enough to start it with Ellie.

becca said...

I do the same thing at my house and I wondered if it would work with my girls because they are so young (4 and 2), but it works great! Even my 2 year old understands and trys to earn marbles. I take marbles out of their jars when they are dis obeying or fighting and it works like magic!

michelle said...

I love it. I have heard about Amie and Jill doing this, but I haven't figured out how to adapt it for my family yet. Keep us posted on whether or not the girls go in together to get what they both want!

Jennifer said...

We have marble jars and reward the kids for good behavior, hard work and positives attitudes by a number of marbles only to be determined by the parents. Marbles get taken away for negative behavior. When the jars are full the boys get to choose a reward like going to (Up)Chuck E Cheese or other favorite sopts usually involving an arcade and brightly colored sugary drinks. We have done this for about a year and it take the boys quite a while to save up for their activities so they seem to find it pretty gratifying. I like the concept of some immediate rewards too-maybe we need to incorporate that idea too!