Thursday, March 22, 2007

Caroline now fits in one of my favorite old shirts of Annie Kate's, with the little orange and white gingham pant girl
Spring Came, just a day late

Spring is here and we took full advantage of it today. Taking the kids to the park and I got to hang out with all the nannies in the neighborhood. (the nannie's never really talk to me because I think they think I am spies for their friends)

Sally just kept leaning her head back on the swing and getting her face in the sun, it was like she could not get enough of the warm air.
I discovered a cute new little house on our walk to Whole Foods for lunch. They had these cute wind chimes that they had made with colored stones glued together and put fishing wire in between them and then tied a shell at the bottom. They were beautiful and would be fun for kids to make.

They also had this great red, pebbled bird bath that I loved. I am so in love with little red cartoon mushrooms with white spots, and this reminded me of it.We also found one of my favorite kind of trees in someones yard and it is like a princess hideout. It is getting ready to bloom and so it has little fuzzy blossoms ready to come out. Caroline ran inside. I always call them Dr. Seuss trees, but really want to plant one someday. So since I have not done a ribbon give-a-way in awhile. If you can tell me what the name of this tree is 11.5 yards of luscious ribbon will come your way.

We walked over to Whole Foods. This place cracks me up. I love it, but am just amazed at how expensive it is. I was probably the only one in there with kids and had my big red sleigh to boot. I am sure I am the only person in there to buy their kid a big, huge, chocolate cookie. We sat and ate in the eating section and I seriously had 4 people say, "That is one big cookie for such a little girl" Well, Caroline ate the whole thing and then her fruit afterwards. Kind of funny.

I am really missing my good camera and hope we get it back in time for Easter Photos of the girls. But I was thrilled to start learning how to use the little digital one we got while our other one is getting fixed. You can really do a lot now with these little ones. I loved this photo I got of Caroline playing on the big orange car at the park. She looks so peaceful and quiet!

Then she let's out a cry... "No more pictures!" I took about 75 today. see the rest here.

Don't forget my hunt for my favorite tree, you could be rewarded!
I also started a Smugmug gallery of mailboxes in our neighborhood. We have so many different ones, it cracks me up.
I love Jill's Good Mail concept and since I have always been into packaging it makes sense I would now have a thing for mailboxes. You can watch this grow here.

14 comments: said...

I think its a Weeping Cherry Tree!? I think. Sure looks like your kids had a great time out and about yesterday! I'm so glad its finally spring!

Cristin said...

Welcome looks like a miniature Weeping Cherry Tree!

Lauralee said...

weeping willow... we planted 2 of those at our first house.. I miss em.. fun pictures! yeah for spring! funny about the cookie and all the comments.. I would totally do something like that!

Anne said...

Yay for spring!! I'm going to go out on a limb here and say a weeping pussy willow tree.

Ooh, the National Park Service offers all sorts of cherry blossom tours each year. I would love to go on the lantern tour, it sounds so lovely! You should check out this link:

Anne said...

Oops, it looks like that link was cut off and I don't know the code for a hyperlink. Sorry!

Barb said...

I can't decide if it's funny or sad how many nannies I see at the park. They really are just friends with each other.

There is something Dr. Seus-ish about that tree, although his Truffula tree is more of a palm tree looking variety.

Kelly A. said...

I feel the same way at Whole Foods when I am getting Gummi Bears from the bulk foods and everyone else is getting wheat berries or something!

I put myself through college being a nanny. I would have talked to you beacause I was the only English speaking nanny in my part of the country!

Jill said...

It makes me a little sad to think of kids at the park with nannies instead of their parents. I can't imagine growing up like that.

Your pictures are beautiful, but the peaceful picture of Caroline is gorgeous.

sec said...

Flowering cherry tree? Great pictures.

michelle said...

I love those trees, too. Soon I will be mistaken for a nanny, as parents hardly ever seem to take their children anywhere in Paris... SJ looks so brave on that swing!

Bek said...

I also love to "browse" in whole foods. I take myself to lunch there occasionally.... I usually only end up buying the almond butter (for our pb free school).

Don't know the tree but I remember playing under them when I grew up in Tennessee.

Amanda :-) said...

Grrr...don't get me started on nannies! It's not the nannies I have a beef with, it's the mums. But that's for another time...

Health food shops. Don't you hate when you buy a chocolate treat and chomp into it, only to discover it's CAROB. Yeuch, the devil's chocolate, that is.

Oooh, save your best spring pix for Lelly's SPT, Kristi!

Are the furry things catkins? We go to the garden centre and let Erin feel all the different things. Good if you don't have absolutely EVERYTHING in your garden!

*natalie* said...

i was going to say weeping cherry tree but it looks like i've been beat to the punch. looks like a great day with your girls.

Lisa said...

We had one of those trees growing up in Pennsylvania and we called it a Snuffaluffagus tree. it made a great fort in the summer with it's leaves..that's my unofficial tree name guess:)