Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Challenge -what was your favorite spt from 2007?
take a moment and revisit this spt journey you've been on. which was your favorite photo?
your most creative?
is there a post that sums up your year?
a post that reminds you of something small and fun that you might otherwise forget about?

will you continue to spt in the new year?

Photo of my driving on the George Washington Parkway - my favorite drive
I loved discovering myself in D.C. and finding out I should have lived here years ago. I feel through this year I found the purpose of why we moved to this city - a gift that i think few people ever find out why they move to where they move.

I reminded myself that I have a sense of humor and am not afraid to show it, yet I still think my teeth look huge in black and white photos.
SPT gave me the opportunity to look at a photo of myself this year and say, "you look beautiful!" now that is a awesome experience. Even with my prebushy unplucked eyebrows.
SPT won me a free year of SMUGMUG! I love you SMUGMUG!!!
SPT reminded me of how much I love the color white!
SPT taught me I could keep a secret. This SPT I had not revealed that I was training for a marathon. The weekend before I had run a half marathon and was so proud of myself for keeping it to myself.
This SPT keeps the spirit alive in me that hopefully the 80's will come back in a full vengeance.
but this was my favorite SPT - the word best did not come off my foot for a week and It reminded me of my secret goal that this year I would put my best food forward for 26.2 miles. This is what started it all for me.
I love SPT. Lelly I love you for taking the time to give us all this chance to do it. I of course will be doing SPT again this year and can't wait to see what challenges you give us. Thank you!


Suzanne said...

Happy 2008, Kristi! It's uncanny that you are posting about SPT today because this morning I was thinking of you and how you photograph yourself. Will you share what size lens you use to take these pictures? Thank you!

Melinda said...

THose are some pretty great pictures. THe 80's is the best. I sported that nice hairdo quite often.

michelle said...

Fun retrospective, Kristi! I haven't been able to pick one favorite, either.

LJ said...

Totally miss the 80s. Its been a great year hasn't it? Here's to hoping 08 can keep up!

Jill said...

I love SPTs and just finished posting about my year's favorites as well. It's so fun to see these pictures again and to remember those posts. I love how SPTs make us think and how we can all have such varied answers and experiences yet still be so connected by them at the same time. Here's to many more great Tuesdays in 2008!

lelly said...

i had a feeling the *best foot* was going to make an appearance here!! i love the creativity that you bring each week, even when you are "breaking the rules" a bit.

and now we find out about a half marathon, too?!? amazing!!

looking forward to spting in the new year!

Holly said...

I've always enjoyed your creative interpretation of SPTs! This was a neat review--it would be difficult to choose a fave.

pam said...

It was fun to get a quick run down of your year via SPT. I loved it.

Lacie said...

I love the SPT that I have seen on your blog along with others...HOw does a person get in on the fun???

Happy New Year! AND thank you for a wonderful PINK Christmas!

Barb said...

The 'hello' self portrait was my very favorite of your's.