Sunday, March 22, 2009

This book is Sally Jane's new favorite. She can read it all by herself. It has three words in it. Hug, Mommy & Bobo. She loves it because it has a monkey in it and it is yellow. She sleeps with it under her pillow.

Today at church I was a little bit of a wreck. 4th Sunday's are long for me with ward council before church and Bishops Youth Council after. (must document Jeff is a lifesaver getting the girls ready and meeting us at church by 9:00 am every Sunday but one every month)
One these Sunday's I always tell Jeff that it is better if just stay home because I have such a horrible poker face when something is troubling me. (trust me when I say I have a lot on my mind)
So after Sacrament meeting and running around to get things set up for BYC I ran into a friend. We are in the same ward but rarely ever get to see each other. We have always been in different callings, when I was in Relief Society she was in Primary, When she was in Relief Society I was down town, when I came back I am in Young Women's. She is one of those women you is such good - good person. You know the kind you would never say a bad word around even if a anvil fell on your head like the coyote in the Roadrunner cartoon.
Anyway I always love when I can get just 5 minutes to see her. Her smile always makes me feel better but also shows my lack of poker face. So when I saw her I gave her the biggest hug, but the weirdest thing happened - I could not let go. then I hugged her tighter then I started crying. Crying hugging, crying hugging. I almost felt like I was trying to suck all of her goodness out and get as much as possible on me. (this is sounding really weird but she just is like a piece of sunshine)
Then I had only 2 minutes and could not even really tell her what was on my mind but in a way I didn't even need to explain (this is the beauty of her) There were a couple of other women standing by and the most amazing thing happened - no one asked what was wrong it was just a little bonding moment like "girl we get it". One of them had run to the bathroom and got a wet towel to wipe off all the mascara on my face (I honestly didn't think I had even put on makeup this morning) She said something cute like "this is what we do for each other" It gave me just the strength I needed to finish out the rest of the day.
I thought of Sally Jane's little yellow book it only has a few words in it, but man there is nothing like a good hug when you need one.

to explain the background of the photo. On Friday the girls and I went to the ribbon outlet with a friend as they were having their huge spring sale. (it was amazing) The girls each got to fill a basket with ribbons to add to their craft stash. It feels good for each of them to have their own so that I am not constantly saying "oh no that is too much don't cut that, that is a good one". But I realize I am not doing a good job as a crafter mom to teach them the value of a yard. This photo was what Caroline did with one of her 25 cent bag of 50 yards of pink ribbon - she made a large trap in her room stringing ribbon everywhere (the photo is it almost cleaned up so you can imagine the mess) the girls had a blast with their 25 cent bag but still I am not sure what kind of example I am setting for them to use it such a wasteful way.
And can you believe that Caroline has not got her head cut off in the 3 years we have lived here with her fan so close to her bed?

Do you know someone who hugging them feels like getting a piece of Sunshine?
Would you have run to the bathroom to help clean off the mascara on a friends face?
Do you have a good poker face when something troubling is on your mind?
Any thoughts on how to teach my kids to appreciate 50 yards of ribbon?


Kari Lynne said...

Savannah loves ribbon and almost every day asks me for a new piece so she can tie it around one of her babies. She is always trying to get into the ribbon that you sent me on my birthday 2 years ago and I tell her that it is special ribbon from Aunt Kristi and she can't cut it up. Someday when I learn how to sew some of the ribbon is going to be put to good use. For now it gets tied around babies and used for their clothes.

patsy said...

my boys used to do this with yarn. they were cowboys...

You are doing a great job with your girls! they will figure it out.

wow- to have someone explain a person as Sunshine! Oh I want to be sunshiny!!! I really do! can it be done? do you have to be born with it?

what a great story!- I love to hear about women lifting each other- love it!

Lauralee said...

sweet.. those are good friends..

yes, when I hug my sister, it is like that.. I just feel a relief.. we don't live close, but just the thought of seeing her and getting a hug about makes me cry..

value of ribbon? ummm... no, my girls just were cutting into mine, and tying bows all over their webkinz.. :)

Jill said...

I'm so glad you ran into your Sunshine-filled friend at church and were able to get the power hug you needed.

The proximity of that ceiling fan to the girl's bed is frightening, I'm surprised they haven't hurt themselves or the fan in these 3 years!

I always carry mini tissues with me at church so I would have definitely offered you some for your running mascara.

Liz said...

I love a good hug from Ben. Of course hugs from my kids are good too.

I'm glad you have some great women in your ward that don't ask and just give of their love.

heather cook said...

boy- I wish I could get a big hug from you!!!! I miss you...and feel so out of touch. I know you have lots of friends to fill your hug void. We have that book too and Scarlett loves it. Jealous of the ribbon deal!!!! I need to give you a call and catch up, always on my list. Love, heather

sweetfunkyvintage said...

I love that book. It was a favorite of Georgia's too. I used to worry about Georgia wasting ribbon (and other crafting supplies) and then I realized that she appreciates it and uses it in a different way, but it isn't wasteful to her. She wraps fabric scraps and ribbons around all of her Barbies to make them into mermaids. She complies to my only request, which is to reuse the ribbons when she is done with them.
Your girls could do the same. When they are done with the trap they created, then they can make it a game to think of all of the other creative ways they can use their ribbon.
I do know friends like yours - who are sunshine wrapped up in a person. Their smile (or in cases of long distances, their voices) carry such peace for me and are contaigous.

Erin said...

I think that hugging you would be like a piece of sunshine...mascara and all! I love your bunners!

michelle said...

Kristi, reading this just made my heart swell. I am so happy that you have friends there like your sunshine friend and for your "girl we get it" moment -- that is priceless! I think we all aspire to be sunshiny like that.

If you got 50 yards of ribbon for 25 cents, I say let them do whatever they want with it! They will re-use it for many things, I'm sure, and it's better for them to have their own than for you to worry about them using up your favorites. As they get older, they'll realize that not all ribbon is equal and you can't always get it for as cheap as you do!

thinking of you, my sunshine friend.

Amanda L. said...

You are probably that sunshine friend to many others through your blog. I love that you can just hug someone and not have to talk. I have friends like that too and it's such a blessing.

That room is so reminiscent of Ian with his string. I agree with Michelle...for 25 cents let them do what they want with it. They'll use it for better purposes soon enough.

Hang in there!

Engrained Emotions said...

I can relate to you on so many levels. I check in on your blog about once a week.

And for me, you serve as a little ray of sunshine. It's silly I know, but so nice to have someone that I feel like.

I have had days a church that it is everything I can do to not cry. Everyone can see it on my face, and their caring makes me cry. So nice to know that others care.

Thanks for sharing your stories!~

Price Cream Parlor said...

I totally get this post!
So glad that you have friends like that! I know that it makes all the difference in my life to have my own 'rays of sunshine' around when I need to soak up their energy!
I laughed about Jill's little tissue comment. I am the one with tissues in my purse all the time as I am a crier! Not good!
**Fun photos of you littles playing with their ribbon!!! I love that your babe keeps her YELLOW book under her pillow! She is such a squishy sweetheart!

JENNIFRO said...

Did you notice that yellow pic at the bottom is where i got my blog banner? funny. Let them go crazy with the ribbon. why not?

A Happy Heart Blog said...

So glad I had the chance to read the entire post Kristi. It was very much like my experience when I am troubled or overwhelmed. The book sounds just adorable and the ribbon fiasco - at least they are using it?! Take care and hope you have time to acclompish everythin on your mind.

Shauna said...

That ribbon outlet sounds amazing! Any chance you will tell me where it is? (This could count as a 2clever question) I'm going to be in DC in May and I'd love to pick up some great ribbon.