Tuesday, June 22, 2010

home sweet home
So huge sigh of relief.
We made it.
The next morning our moving truck made it.
Two days later our cars made it.

My mind is rushing with emotions and feelings, reflections and so forth. So here is what comes out of my head at the moment.

The weather here is beautiful.
The kids are outside all day long.
We miss our friends in Maryland.
Caroline asked me who's house this is and when are we going home.
They have the most awesome car wash here. (our cars needed it after traveling cross country second story on a diesel)
My goodwill finds are serving me well in our new home.
Our new church congregation is huge!
we have roasted marshmallows every night in the back yard
we are going to mow our grass tomorrow - I can't wait!
All the girls miss our old house.
please don't comment on the size of my house, it just reminds of how much I have to clean
There are no bugs flying in our teeth when we stand outside
My new mailman's name is Louis. He had on jeans and a t-shirt and not the cute uniform Mike wore in Maryland.
My old mail man had a retinal detachment the week before we moved. I miss him and hope he is recovering.
It is fun to decorate our house
the clouds here in Denver are huge and fluffy
I saw a Cafe Rio
anytime someone hears that Jeff served in the Army they all say "Thank you for your service"
we miss our old swim team
i don't have to use the 12 inches underneath my bed to store 75% of my stuff! Yea for a linen closet
no one here has magnets all over the back of their cars telling everyone where they vacation and if their kids are on the honor roll
our new church building does not have beautiful wooden beehives inside or concrete ones out front (ahhh Kentlands!)
the mountains - ohh la la
milk is half the price at the grocery store
our neighbors are so nice and have brought us, dinner, breakfast, cookies, brownies, set up our trampoline, mowed our grass, fixed our sprinklers had the girls over for lunch
Annie Kate went to a sewing school today down the street in the darling ladies house
Jeff helped out with a medical emergency down the street our first morning here
Sally Jane's room is all yellow!
I am sad all of my girl friends can't run over to my house and tell me how high to hang the mirrors or if I should move my sofa to the left.
It can also be lonely
Caroline misses sleeping in the same room with Sally Jane
I fed 14 kids Popsicles today in the back yard
I feel like I am living in a dream
and I am trying to convince Jeff that the downstairs bathroom is going to be pink!
my guest room is lonely - want to visit?

Off to some more boxes calling my name!


The Trammell's said...

can i come visit...are you still up?

wende said...

we only moved a few miles from one tiny town to the next tiny town and i feel lonely. like i'm on another planet. i can't imagine how you're doing it all! the boxes, oh man, will they ever be all unpacked?

good luck with everything. and praise the heavens for lovely neighbors, we have lucked out with great ones too. they have no idea how lucky they are having you and your adorable family living on their street!

stacy{s} said...

so glad you made it. I've been "home" eight months and it still feels weird. ;) Call me when you are feeling kinda sorta settled.

Lindsay said...

Moving is exciting and hard and fun and lonely all at the same time. Especially when you move from east to west. You'll feel settled in no time and will love it. Colorado is such a great state!

Erin said...

Thanks for the update. Have you seen how cheap dickets are from Denver to SLC?

michelle said...

So glad to hear an update!

Moving is such a hard thing, so many conflicting emotions, excitement and sadness and so many changes all at once. I'm glad you have great neighbors! And glad that the kids are playing outside and meeting other kids.

Give yourself time to get settled and take breaks to do something you enjoy! Love you.

LJ, DC and ML said...

YAY YAY YAY! What are you two SILs doing up at 1:52 in the AM? I hope you were sleeping soundly. I can not WAIT to see the new place in person. It all sounds so lovely (and of course also a little sad).

patsy said...

HOOORay you are there!

You deserve all this happiness & more-

and yes- thank you jeff for your service!

Mary Elizabeth said...

glad to see you are finally there and settling in.

yes the bathroom should be pink- even if it is light pink!

just breathe and enjoy and focus on the new adventure to come.

we are all just cyber steps away from you - hollar and we will come a running!!!

PS - try skype for the girls to call their friends back home and you - there is nothing like a good video chat to make you feel better and your girlfriends can tell you how high to hang the mirror as well using this feature - trust me I have done it!!!! :)

linda said...

I'm so glad you made it safely. I sure have been thinking about you alot lately!

I'm on vacation here in Littleton myself and yes, isn't the weather gorgeous. I'm sitting by an open window right now and the breeze is heavenly. I love it here and know you will too!

Heather said...

I am so happy you made it safe and sound. It sounds like you have found another amazing neighborhood. Or rather the neighborhood has gotten pretty lucky with your amazing family!

It is going to be great!

Price Cream Parlor said...

So exciting. Loved reading this post. I can TOTALLY relate to everything! Well, except my mailman isn't a man it's a woman and she doesn't wear the uniform either (why is that?)

14 kids in the backyard!? Heaven in my mind!!!

Can't wait to see the photos of the new home and your PINK basement bathroom! :-)

ps - remind yourself that it will take a good year to feel like you have replanted. I still wake up daily and have to 'remember' that I am here for good. ha!

Meg said...

So glad you all made it there safe and sound. Enjoy your new neighborhood.

I second the Skype! How did we live without it before?

Deb said...

Congratulations on your move! Sounds like you will fit right in!

Anna said...

your house looks wonderful. adjustment is always hard. but how fun to have a new space to get creative with.

Melissa said...

Thanks for the update!! I can't wait until you fill us in on all the details...not just snippets. I can't wait to see your house in full veiw. The suspense is killing me! :) It looks beautiful from the peak you gave us and I'm sure you will make it even more beautiful as you fill it with your creativity. Colorado sounds wonderful!

Mindy said...

You made it!!!! I will always love you for being the first person to greet me and be my friend. I am going to pray that you will have a "kristi" come knocking on your door soon! it makes all the difference! your home looks beautiful and it sounds like you are having fun in your yard! love you guys!

Liz said...

Oh congratulations!!! I knew you would be welcomed with open arms!! I can't wait to see pics of the inside of your new home!!

msbauer said...

swim team misses you.

Caroline can come back to Maryland to visit anytime she wants :)

Yeah for Annie Kate's sewing school - hope she loved it.

How long until Sally Jane picks a new favorite color?

So glad you all made it!

The 5 Bickies said...

I'm so glad to see a post from you! I have been checking in, thinking of you, and hoping that your move went well and you are settling. I LOVE your list and am to glad hear it sounds like you are getting settled.

Oh, and your house is gorgeous and you deserve every inch of it!

eve said...

Oh my goodness! How long have you been there? We moved over a month ago and I'm still bombarded with boxes, messes, taking care of the house and all that stuff. Sounds like you are getting a ton done. Looks like a beauty! p.s. I'm super jealous of your good neighbors--ours haven't introduced themselves and I've been too busy to make an effort.

Jek said...

SOOOO eXCITING!! Your new home sounds amazing!! you are just going to love your new life!!! Just paint it pink and he won't make you redo it. Wish I could see your house!! Sure miss you here!

Nora from Chicago said...

So glad that everyone and everything made it to Colorado safely. Looking forward to continued posts of your adventures.

Your neighbors just won the lottery -- the Pink family moved in!

Museums hang artwork on walls 58" on center. That is, the center of the picture or grouping should be 58" off the floor. Measure to 58" and then be sure to add the additional inches to the hang wire.

Seems like that is too low, but it isn't!

You may want to trace the shape of the object out of paper, tape it to the space where you think it should be hung and see if you like it. If not, readjust! That's what Martha would do :-)

Leigh said...

Hi! Glad your move has gone well and it sounds like your neighborhood is heaven.

Do you read the Design Mom blog? Gabby is also LDS and lives in the Denver area and is planning on starting a new series on her blog called "Love Where You Live" where she and others will post about discovering their cities. Sounds right up your alley! You guys should get together!

Claudissima said...

oh Kristi....this is awesome!, the picture reminds me of that show on sunday's where they destroy the old house and build the new one...and before the family can see, they have to move the trailer! or bus!......good wishes to you and yours.....exciting.

Paige said...

Love the idea of the pink bathroom! With 3 girls it totally fits. I hope you are settling in nicely to your new home. WE miss you all very much. I would love to come visit you!!!

Cara said...

you are and will always be my favorite blogger and this post is why. Yous say what you want and I love it!

Jill said...

I was sure I commented on this post, so now I feel delusional.

I'm so happy for your family to be moving onto this next stage of life and to get to be settled in such a beautiful place!

I can't wait for more detailed posts, your explorations of your new area and all the fun stuff that goes with it.

crystal said...

All powder rooms should be pink.

Or Tiffany blue.

Can I come visit and help you hang those DELECTABLE mirrors??? I am so jealous! I've been combing DI for mirrors to paint light powdery-blue-turqoisey. Jealous.

In a good way.

Cheer up! You'll be called to YW before you know it ;) How could they resist you?! You are so personable and insta-friend, that you'll know peoples' stories so very soon.

Moving is a hard adjustment. It's hard to acclimate your familiar interior landscape to a new, unfamiliar exterior landscape.

tarab said...

I'm a little behind in reading and in blogging, but I had to let you know that Jeff will be OK with a pink downstairs bathroom. Our powder room is pink with a little crystal chandelier. And our family room is the color of your blog -- no one has had any adverse reactions to a paint color. I told Brent if he didn't like the pink in the family room (it's porter, kenny's kiss btw) we could repaint. It's still cool a year and a half later. You can do it!! I have confidence in you!