Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How great is this pie!!!
Village Inn you must have gotten a new graphic designer - way to go!
Nothing Humble about it.
Sweet tart Cherry pie (one of my favorites)

I got this hand delivered to me from a friend from 16 years ago who happens to live down the street.
We were EFY counselors together back in the day (pre facebook).
We had not seen each other since we moved here. Her husband was military, we both have three girls, they also hopped free flights over the pond, and they moved here from D.C.

She feels my pain and gave me some good advice along with this yummy non-humble pie.

We would never have found each other had it not been for blogging! yea blogging

Thanks my EFY friend!


Hilary said...

EFY counselor here too! I was one in 94 and 95. L.O.V.E.D. it.

michelle said...

Hooray for finding old friends! And hooray for blogging. I'm so glad you were able to chat and commiserate and eat pie. Sounds like the perfect prescription to me.

michelle said...

p.s. I wish I were coming to visit!

Jill said...

What in the world? How wonderful!

Nora from Chicago said...

First, you are sooooo creative! I would throw a few photos in that Ikea table, relating to the other materials/holiday. Really make it personal! Photos of the kids first day at the new school, past Halloween costumes or holiday crafts, 4th of July photos and such.

Second, I have got to get to Ikea!

Third, stop being so hard on yourself. You are a shiny gold star on every level of your existence - as a wife, mother, friend, community member, citizen, churchgoer. We women are our own worst enemies and our harshest critics. We need to stop such behavior!

Fourth, The Disneyland/REI quip would be a great needle pointed pillow!!!!

Glad you are back blogging! Keep it up. It brings much joy to many people.

Barb said...

You have highlighted some of my favourite Ikea creations in your last couple of posts (none that I own). My next Ikea purchase is going to be their softie food toys.

Andie said...

I DREAM of a french silk VI pie here on the East coast!

Anonymous said...

cute table and love the glass jar with crayons. might have to steal that one....on another note this will be the first back to school since preschool that my older two now know about the magic school bus. for so long I kept that going with them really thinking someone stopped at their door with all these treats. thanks to the neighbors (and their non-participatory parents) this will be the first year where they know it is me. I hope they still love the tradition and Scarlett will have the shining eyes to carry everyone through...she is off to preschool!

love, heather

Price Cream Parlor said...

Reconnecting with old friends is the best.
Having them as neighbors and swinging by some pie is heaven!

Dina C said...

It was so fun to see you. It is amazing to think of the odds that 16 years later we would end right down the street from each other. So glad you moved here.