Monday, August 16, 2010

Ok. Enough of crying and whining. This blog needs something fun. (thanks for your buck up advice - I sure need it)

We hung up our Simon print our friends from New Orleans gave us. We put it in the back yard on the back of the house. It is the perfect memory of our years there.

Here is my little experiment for the day.

I found this great huge bowl at Costco only $19.00

I have been drying some artichokes to see how they dry up
Then I spray painted the white. So far so good. After they dry I am going to fill the bowl with them.
Anyone ever dried artichokes before? I wonder if they will start to stink after awhile.

Here is my Ikea tip of the day. This frame is the best deal they got going on over there. Its a huge frame that comes in black and is only $19.99. They don't sell it online, so if you live near one you will have to go pick it up
I spray painted ours white (what a shocker) and then ran some sand paper over it to bring out the black underneath.
It is the perfect frame for our Eiffel Tower family photo.
And here is my latest Craigslist find I picked up today. Fits perfectly in my empty corner. $20.00 for all three stacking tables. But meeting the lady who sold them to me was worth $50.00. I think I have a new hobby of meeting strangers.

Seriously some of my best friends here in town are the people I have bought craigslist items from.

Ok. Any thoughts on the artichokes?


Amy said...

How funny! I was eying these at Pottery Barn:


5 for $, if yours start to stink you have an option!

Jill said...

I don't know anything about artichokes so I can't help you with that. But I do know I love seeing your projects and all your great finds! I can't wait to see them in real life this week, woohoo!

Tasha said...

I LOVE that frame!
As for the artichokes, what aboout a cloche or something, or a covered cake stand, and stack them in?

michelle said...

I'm in love with your IKEA frame and family photo!! Your artichokes look cool, I have never thought to dry them. I do believe you have a talent of becoming friends with strangers!

LJ, DC and ML said...

So cute!! Let us know how the artichokes turn out, what a great idea!

LJ, DC and ML said...

Oh, and LOVE the stacking tables. Looks like a steal to me.

Hilary said...

your home looks beautiful! and yay you on being so great with strangers! That is a rare talent!

emilee said...

Oh boy, I need to go to Costco! Was your bowl a recent purchase? Love the Ikea frame!

jill said...

I LOVE the frame!!! I seriously have to get to IKEA! How do you find all the best stuff? That's a brilliant idea and it's rare that you see a family photo in such a large, ornate frame, you go girl!! Also, where in the world did you think to dry and paint artichokes? Seriously. Did you see that done somewhere? The tables are darling, I love the Costco bowl but I'm also interested in the room behind it, it looks cute!

JENNIFRO said...

Ditto on the room behind it, Jill. I thought the EXACT same thing! They probably won't stink but might eventually mold?? I think thats what happened to mine when I dried some back in '89. ; ) It's a cool look, all the same. Way to go on the frame, I have yet to use mine. It works so well with the height of the tower in the background--smart thinking! I always want to do a better at the seasonal decorating--you're great at switching things up. I got my new couch and love it but now have so much more to do. I'm heading to Greenfront tomorrow to look for chairs-- cross my fingers!