Saturday, January 08, 2011

This is the year that I (Jill) and many of my friends turn 40, and it's only fitting that Miss Everything Pink, Miss Kristi freakin Cutler is the first one of us to do so! So I give you a birthday tribute post full of things I know and love about Kristi.

She was born January 8, 1971 and quickly morphed into a very cute baby.

This is a picture of her with her favorite ever snowman cake on her 2nd birthday.

We became friends in 1989 in the dorms at BYU.

She is the most photogenic person I have ever known. I distinctly remember walking around her house looking at her wedding pictures and thinking "I really need to smile more". She transformed me!

She loves Vera Bradley fabrics and products and has many bags and accessories, and has given many to others (including a great wallet for me).

She has embraced her size 11.5 feet and often rewards bloggers with 11.5 yards of ribbon when they win one of her giveaways.

Speaking of ribbon...she is the queen! The 4 years they lived in Maryland put her close to a ribbon outlet where she visited regularly and was very good at sharing the wealth. She has kept me in ribbon for years!

She takes gorgeous photos (it was hard to pick just one) and took a lot of photos while taking walks on the beautiful trails in both Tennessee and Maryland.

She loves fabric and uses her brilliant creativity to sew clothing, purses and gifts.

She doesn't take herself too seriously.

She love the gospel and is always busy serving in her callings in the church. She is currently serving in the Relief Society Presidency, but has been the Young Women's President multiple times and served in the Primary Presidency as well. Needless to say, she's busy!

She loved their family's time living in Maryland and made sure they visited every museum and monument there! Most of the time this meant pushing a heavy double stroller with whiny kids in it.

She has logged thousands of miles with her double stroller!

She has a gift for finding fabulous things at Goodwill and garage sales!

She has run at least 3 marathons!

If you want to be inspired click on this link and watch the video from one of her marathons, it makes me cry every time.

She considers our Women's Conference Weekends her "new" year.

She's a super fun mom and is happy to host the entire neighborhood in her backyard, and supplies them with Popsicles too.

She is the monogramming queen and has serious skills with her embroidery machine.

Their family traveled all over Europe thanks to Jeff's free military flights and took their cute family to places most of us only get to dream of.

She is very generous and gives to other people all the time. This is a package she sent me for no reason back in was awesome!

She started a blog with her friend Stacy where they could share their genius ideas with the rest of us.

She loves wearing white and owns many, many white skirts!

She is best friends with her look alike younger brother Ryan and is skiing with him today for her 40th birthday.

More than anything else she loves her family! She is a great wife and mother and does everything she can to make their lives comfortable, memorable and fun.

Happy 40th Birthday Kristi!!!!!!!!

**What do you love about Kristi?
How has she
influenced your life?**


Lauralee said...

Happy Birthday Kristi!
Hope you had a great day skiing!

tootie said...

What a sweet tribute!! Happy happy birthday, Kristi!

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

happy birthday!!!!!!! hope it's a great day full of joy and happiness!

Nora from Chicago said...

She has never met a stranger!
Nice tribute, "Think".

Anonymous said...

Love her more than words can ever ever say. You are a forever friend! Happy 40th Kristi!!!!!!

Laurie said...


I only know you through the blogging world, but have loved everything I've learned of you and from you.

I hope it's a wonderful year for you!

Lisa B. said...

Happy Birthday ... we sure love you. thanks for being such a great sis to Adam- (and I) xoxo

Scott & Tami said...

Happy Birthday Kristi!!!! You are one amazing woman.....totally sweet....hilarious....freaking hilarious....amazing host.....dude, we totally need to hang more....whach you doing next weekend?

Melinda said...

Happy birthday Kristi! I hope you had a most fantastic birthday today!!

michelle said...

Happy birthday, Kristi! Hope it was a great one.

You know what I just realized? I have now known you for over half my life. How weird is that? I am so glad we got to be roommates and that you didn't kick me out for being so boring. You really know how to make life fun! I still remember you bringing me orange sticks from the BYU bookstore for my birthday. Yum. Maybe I should have put some snowballs in your package, eh?

love you!

Tasha said...

I just love you- I love that you love me faults and all.
Happy Happy Birthday!

Elisa said...

I was/am the adoring younger cousin. Kristi was always so kind to me, even durring my annoying years (I am assuming here that I have grown out of them).

Kristi introduced me to: Duran Duran, ESPRIT, sunflowers, embossing, smocked dresses, and continually inspires me with her blog.

Love you Kristi!

Holly said...

Happy (late) birthday Kristi! Sounds like you celebrated your 40th in style by burning up those ski slopes with your family--what fun!

40 looks FABulous on you!

Price Cream Parlor said...

HAPPY 40th!!!! Hope you had a great day with family!!! This is your year! Embrace it!!!

I love your quick smile and contagious laugh. I love that I felt like we were friends, even before we met!
You are exactly who I think you are..I love that about you!

Liz said...

Happy Happy Birthday Kristi! I hope you had a fabulous day!!

Beckie said...

Happy Birthday Kristi!
Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas with the blog world!

Traci said...

happy birthday girl!!
miss seeing new post from you too!
what a sweet post from your bff!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Kristi!! I've never met you in person, but I feel like you've taught me so much from your blog. I love your excitement and willingness to travel- it makes me think I can. I love your commitment to run- it makes me think I can (someday...). I love your creative ideas and the cute traditions you come up with. It makes me hope I can do that someday. I love how you trully care about people and think about others so much. Thanks for sharing so much about yourself. You write with such warmth and openness that you really feel like a friend.

LJ, DC and ML said...

What a cute blog post for a super sweet birthday girl. Hope your day was fabulous Kristi, we miss you!

Shauna said...

I love that Kristi is her own person with a style of her own. I am inspired by her thrift store finds, her energy and her focus.
Happy Happy Birthday, Kristi! Welcome to a new decade!

tarab said...

Happy belated 4-0! It's just that time of life -- Karen made the turn in Nov and Brent and I in Dec. But how lucky are you to share your big day with The King of Rock n Roll! (I had forgotten yours was the same day as Elvis)
I loved your reply last week.