Monday, March 20, 2006

Great Day.
I know i had already posted about Lenessa and David's wedding but the family has now all put their photos online (173 total) I have been looking at them today and just had to share what a great day it was!
The highlights for me:
The ceremony was awesome. having the ENTIRE family there was incredible.
The thought of angels being there
The cake was yummy unlike mine that was lame or so everyone thought
Lenessa dress. it was so beautiful, handmade by her mother.
The dancing at the reception. Annie Kate will never forget it.
Caroline screaming the entire day, not a highlight be memorable
The smile of David's face
Seeing debbie and julie's face during the wedding
when they gave the boquet to the couple that had married the longest (67 years)
Caroline singing happy birthday to everyone that brought in a gift

it was a great day enjoy the photos.


Anonymous said...

I must say, it sure was a fun day! If anything went wrong that day no one told me about it! Thank heavens! And the pics of Caroline screaming are some of my favorites, no joke. She's a pretty cute cry-er! It wouldn't have been so perfect if it hadn't been for you guys!
the bride.

Jill said...

The photos are beautiful, they're such a good looking couple. It looks like it was a fun, happy day--which is nice because sometimes weddings can be so overwhelming that people forget to be happy about them. Thanks for sharing the photos.

SEC said...

The wedding pictures are wonderful, and they bring back some pretty remarkable memories. What a day for Caroline!! You captured it with your taking the pictures. Brings back memories to me of some of my wonderful/awful days. Wondering what the weird smell is in the boys' room only to find that they had been peeing in the heater vent. Having to clean up the mess was right up there with your day, I'm thinking.

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